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Brian Maitland

Sony I believe took a risk making The Amazing Spider-Man, but it paid off. Then when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came along people were really excited. And when the movie was released people were very disappointed, and I understand why. But I still really enjoyed the movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had great casting choices. Andrew Garfield as Peter/Spidey and his chemistry with the great Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy was fantastic. Jamie Foxx did really good as Max/Electro because he started off as a guy that I really felt for and then turned into the menacing villain that had to be taken down. Dane DeHaan was awesome as Harry Osborn and I believe did a tad better than James Franco. And I can't forget to mention Sally Field as Aunt May either, she was great in the film. But I do believe that Rhino could have been played by anybody so I don't think they should have chose Paul Giamatti.

Now for the story. I really liked how we got to learn more about Peter's parents and their pasts. It was really interesting. Also I enjoyed the story of how Harry needed Spider Man's' blood to survive the horrible disease he had. I think they could have left out the parts about Aunt May being a nurse because it just added more story that I didn't care about. Also if they made the romance parts of it with Peter and Gwen a little smaller I thought it would've made the movie a lot better.

The characters in the film were really cool too. Spider-man was obviously really funny and cocky which was awesome and Gwen was smart and helpful unlike Mary Jane in the Sam Raimi series. I thought Harry was really interesting and I really enjoyed seeing some of his backstory. Electro was a cool character too and I liked the idea of him being evil because he wants more fame and wants to be noticed. And Max Dillon was strange because he was obsessed with Spider-man but he was still interesting sometimes too. I think though that they could have cut Rhino right out of it though.

The action and special effects were amazing and really exciting and I loved watching them. I thought that the action scenes were really small and I wished that those scenes were longer and some other scenes were just a bit smaller.

People really hated this movie. I do not feel that way and that's why I gave this an 8.4/10. It was a great movie that did havesome problems but was still enjoyable. I'm super excited for The Sinister Six and The Amazing Spider-Man 3.


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