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Leatherface has recently been added to the roster of slashers to make a comeback in the next few years. Along with Jason, Michael, Ghostface and Chucky. All of whom have new projects in various stages of development.

Leatherface, however, is getting yet another prequel, one to show him in his teenage years before the events of the very first Texas Chainsaw flick took place. And it seems to be moving along nicely, as proved by the steady release of announcements. The most recent being the revelation of who would helm the brand new Texas Chainsaw flick.

And that person, of course, is none other than Steven Spielberg.. (kidding). The real directors of the film will be the French film making duo, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside, Livid, Among the Living). Both are known for really delivering in the Blood and Gore department; a definite plus for a Texas Chainsaw Movie.

IGN reported that Shock Till You Drop even gave an update on what the story would be about. Saying the story focuses on Leatherface’s teenage years and finds it shows him on the run from a mental institution with a pack of other maniacs.

And on that note, I'm not sure exactly on how I feel about that. It will definitely be interesting to see.

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