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A long while ago I wrote an article in which I listed my ranking of the Star Wars movies. After conversation with friends, I have been convinced to do the same for many other franchises. This time I will be ranking the Marvel cinematic universe. Just like last time, we will start from my least favorite and work towards my favorite. Also like last time, this is solely my opinion and I would also like to see other people's opinions so if you want to list yours in the comments I'd like to see them.

Enough time wasting, let's get started.

10. The Incredible Hulk

The consensus on this movie is that it's the worst out of the bunch, and there isn't any disagreement here. This movie was disappointing more than anything else because it had the potential to be incredible. I mean, a pretty stellar cast, good effects and Abomination! Sadly they just couldn't put all that together correctly and while I still enjoy to watch scenes from the movie, it has earned it's place on this list.

9. Thor

This was one of those times where everyone thought this movie was terrible and I was just sitting at home thinking, "well I like it". But I can see where everyone was coming from. Thor isn't Thor for most of the movie and while the effects are really cool, the fight sequences are far too short (destroyer, I'm looking at you). This movie also suffered from the lack of an interesting story. Yes Thor had to learn his lesson but did it have to take so long?! Was there really no more room for a longer fight in Jotunheim? Also I can't stand most of the humans in that movie either. Well, some of them. Two of them. Ok, I don't like Jane Foster. Never have and probably never will. Still though, we did get to see Loki (YEEEEEEES!) and those who weren't fans of the comics got a pretty good origin story, but honestly, more Thor and more Loki definitely wouldn't have hurt this movie. Still though, I enjoyed this movie and I think if they would have put more time into making a Thor movie instead of an intro to the Avengers movie it could've scored higher than Iron Man 3. Speaking of Iron Man 3...

8. Iron Man 3

I have a special place in my heart for this movie, because it is the one Marvel movie that I look at in complete hatred. Iron Man is hardly in this movie, War Machine becomes Iron Patriot (what?!), he blew up all the suits, got the arc reactor taken out of his chest (are they trying to kill one of my favorite Marvel characters?) AND THE MANDARIN WAS A FAKE!! Then they had the balls to let him say I'm Iron Man!!! You're probably thinking, "Justin, if you hate this movie so much, why isn't at the bottom?" Well my friends that is because technically it is a better movie than The Incredible Hulk and Thor. It thoroughly entertained me the first time I saw it, and it gave us a look at what the most unequipped Avenger could feel after an alien invasion. (He's not a soldier, spy, god or god-smasher). So even though I hate it I managed to find more good with it than I could with the other two. (To everyone else that hates this movie, cheer up, we will survive this madness!)

7. Iron Man 2

I love this movie so much! War Machine! Black Widow! New Iron Man Armor! Nick Fury! This movie is awesome! however, it has it's faults. First of all, Don Cheadle replacing Terrance Howard. I know why it had to happen and I love Don Cheadle but I really don't see the chemistry between him and RDJ like there was between Terrance Howard and RDJ. Also, who is whiplash? You couldn't pick a more notable Iron Man villain? Also, watch Iron Man and this movie back to back and you might swear that you watched the same movie twice. Seriously, the plots and the structure of the movies are almost identical! However, I could watch this movie one hundred times, and I still wouldn't mind watching it one more time.

6. Thor The Dark World

Now this is a Thor movie! The god of thunder definitely upgraded from his previous movie! The action is better, the stakes are higher and Loki. Can I just say that when I thought he died, I almost cried. But seriously though, everything got better this movie (except Jane) and it shows. Thor is actually Thor, the bad guys are defined even though Loki stole the spotlight, we get to see more of Asgard and we get to see another Infinity Stone! And the ending of this movie, like, bro. I can't even describe what I felt when I first saw it. Of course it had it's faults (Jane) but they don't really do much damage to the overall quality of this fantastic film!

5. Captain America The First Avenger

Who would've thought that the guy who played the Human Torch could play Captain America so perfectly? This movie is without doubt one of my favorites and it ranks much higher on my list of all time superhero movies. First of all, You gotta love Captain America. He's one of those characters that you don't like but right when you're losing your love for him, he does something that makes you love him even more. Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull was fiercely enjoyable along with the rest of the cast. Seriously, who casts Marvel movies? They tend to hit the nail on the head every time. Add that in with a great war story and the fans are satisfied. This is another movie that I could watch over and over and I for one, can't wait for the Agent Carter mini series this winter.

4. Iron Man

The one that started it all. Iron Man taught us that if you leave a Marvel movie before the credits stop rolling you're an idiot. (I know it wasn't the first movie to do this but it was the first one that resonated with everybody!) Robert Downey Jr. is without doubt the coolest person on the planet and I am so glad that he was able to turn his life around and reclaim his good standing. At the time, they were really taking a chance with him and he payed off! This movie revolutionized comicbook movies, we just didn't know it. And even if it didn't start the terrific Marvel universe that we love, this movie would still kick butt! Like I said before, the dynamic between RDJ and Terrance Howard was exceptional. In, fact RDJ was great with all the actors in this movie! And let's not forget the introduction of the one and only Agent Phil Coulson! That's right, he was in Iron Man! And the music for this movie! I just love it! And the Nick Fury cameo at the end, blew all of our minds and sent the fanboys and girls into a nerd freak out! This movie was an immediate classic and will always cause us to sing in unison, the Iron Man song!

3. Captain America The Winter Soldier

This was the movie that made Captain America cool to everyone. This was the game changer for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only did Hydra return, but they destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D.! And who wasn't touched by the relationship between Bucky and Cap. And what about Falcon! I'm sorry, I went fanboy mode for a second, but that is the power of this movie! But I think the thing that put it over the edge for me was the implications it had for agents of shield. This movie made that show relevant again! It made that show awesome and it paved the way for the greatest Nick Fury cameo yet! This movie is just all kinds of awesome and would've been number two on this list, but then, well,

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Two words. Rocket Raccoon. Honestly, I had one Guardians of the Galaxy comic before news of this movie broke. After it was announced, I decided to go ahead and see what these cats were about and picked up some and after I read them, I feel in love with these guys. So the long wait finally came to an end and then I saw the best movie of the summer. This movie was the best space opera I've seen in a long time and the fact that it's gonna cross over with the Avengers is beautiful. The comedy, the action, the characters. Wonderful. Chris Pratt was terrific. Zoe Saldana, lovely. Bradley Cooper was on point! This was the first time in like five years that I'd seen Batista and I was not disappointed. And Groot. The fact that they were able to make a talking tree, who only said five words the enitre movie, such a terrific character just shows that Marvel is the king of cinema. Ronan the accuser was a great villain, and Karen Gillan was so great as Nebula. Plus, that Thanos scene was almost as good as the Howard the Duck cameo! The soundtrack was a nice change, in fact, this whole freaking movie was a nice change! There is only one Marvel movie left to top this. And that is..

1. The Avengers

This was the culmination of everything. We'd been teased, we'd been previewed, but none of us was ready for this masterpiece of a movie. This movie know what, you guys know why it's awesome. Fill in the blanks in the comments and I'll edit this section with everybody's comments! Long live Marvel!!!

Next time: X-men


What's your favorite Marvel movie?


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