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So Marvel recently announced plans for a Captain Marvel film, featuring Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel! This is amazing for two reasons.

1) We'll finally be getting the Captain Marvel film we've wanted for so long! Get ready for space battles and Kree/Skrull conflict!

2) Marvel's finally making a female lead movie! Another thing we've been waiting for!

But as cool as this news is, I think Marvel can do better than Captain Marvel. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly excited for this film! But I feel that if Marvel truly wants to break gender barriers and make a Marvel movie starring a female, they should do it with someone with less popularity than Carol Danvers. This would show that they're not making this movie just because of her popularity, but because they're serious when it comes to gender equality in superheroes.

"But who?" You ask. Well let's look at some pretty cool candidates for a female lead Marvel movie.

1. Black Widow

This is an obvious one. Black Widow should totally already have her own movie! She's an important asset to the Avengers team and even though she isn't super-powered, she's still just as threatening as the rest of the group. A Black Widow movie could explore her Russian background and her days as an evil spy! Or maybe we could even have a movie set in present time. It could have a character from her dark past show up (Perhaps her ex-husband the Red Guardian?) and create all kinds of mess that she would have to clean up. Either way, a solo Black Widow movie would really help to explore the true emotions of the character and maybe even make her more relatable.

2. Elektra

Well if her boyfriend, Daredevil, gets a second chance than why not her? Elektra is a bad-ass assassin who has paired up with the likes of Daredevil, Iron Fist and Wolverine! Dual wielding some sharp sai and possessing an insane amount of ninja skills, she does not play around. Elektra, like her super awesome significant other, has had a movie before—unfortunately, it did not go well at all (just like her boyfriend's!). With the Netflix/Marvel original Daredevil series coming, now is a perfect time to give Elektra Natchios a chance for redemption. An Elektra movie could introduce tons of elements never-before-seen in an MCU production. For instance, this movie would feature an anti-hero in the lead. Elektra's got some messed up morals, and has taken turns playing for both sides a lot! And no matter which side she's on, she doesn't follow the no-killing policy a hero usually abides by. An Elektra movie would also introduce some awesome baddies to the MCU. Like Bullseye or Kingpin! Chances are we're going to see her at one point or another in the Daredevil Netflix series. So maybe along the way, Marvel will decide to give her her own movie (or maybe even series). Here's hoping!

3. Spider-Woman

Don't let her name fool you! This woman is not just some gender-swapped Spider-Man! Jessica Drew's mother was struck by a radiation beam containing the DNA of several types of spiders while she was still pregnant with Jessica. Because of this, she gained powers similar to that of the traits of the several spiders whose DNA was found in the beam. These powers included super speed, agility, strength and of course, web-slinging! (Thwip Thwip!) She's an awesome heroine and would make for an amazing solo movie! Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure who owns the film rights to her. Because of her name and similar powers, she could be part of the Spider-verse and therefore be owned by Sony. Of course despite her name, she affiliates herself with the Avengers more than any other heroes. She is actually a pretty important member of the New Avengers and an agent of S.W.O.R.D.

Regardless, someone should make a Spider-Woman movie!

4. She-Hulk

Another super-heroine who could be mistaken as "just a gender-swap", She-Hulk is no...she-hulk. What I mean is, She-Hulk is her own character and she too deserves her own movie! She-Hulk's real name is Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who kicks butt in and out of the courtroom! She got wounded one day and needed a blood transfusion. The only close relative she had who could give her blood was her cousin, Bruce Banner! As a result of the transfusion, she gained a milder version of his "condition". Thus, she has super -strength and still has her personality. But don't think that'll stop her from throwing a car at you if she needs to! A She-Hulk movie would rock! We'd see all the smashing and thrashing that we would expect from her cousin mixed in with her smart and witty personality! She even breaks the fourth wall, just like Deadpool!

Just be glad she didn't mean fired out of a cannon!
Just be glad she didn't mean fired out of a cannon!

Due to her legal background, I think the best way to introduce her is during the Civil War—where she could be the acting legal counsel for the Marvel supes.

5. Wasp

The Wasp! A founding member of the Avengers and the partner of Hank Pym, A.K.A Antman! With the Antman movie focusing on Scott Lang with an older Hank, any Wasp movie we get would most likely be a prequel, showcasing an adventure she ( and maybe Pym) might have had. Though I doubt that Marvel would stray away from their plans for some simple exposition, there is a chance this prequel could help clarify or even set up some events in the present. Of course, there's always the rumor that Hank's daughter will become The Wasp and even the love interest of Scott. Though Hope Van Dyne (Hank's daughter) never donned the costume in the comics, Marvel's creative minds might just be thinking up a surprising plot twist like this one. No matter who's wearing the costume, A Wasp movie would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.



Ok so this is kind of cheating but I had to put her on the list somehow. This is more of a personal entry, having grown up watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends on DVD (My parents had a bunch of cool Marvel shows from back in the day) and syndicated re-runs. Firestar was an original character who first appeared on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and like Harley Quinn when she appeared on Batman: The Animate Series, her popularity soared! A Firestar movie, though not really necessary, would be awesome. Unfortunately, like Spider-Woman, I'm not sure who owns her film rights. After all, she first appeared as a friend of Spider-Man, so she could be part of Spidey's universe therefore owned by Sony. But she's also been a member of and friend to the X-Men making her possibly fall under 20 Century Fox's ownership. Then again, there's always a chance that Marvel still owns the film rights. But just like Spider-Woman, I wouldn't care who made a Firestar movie—as long as it's good!

So which one of these super-lovely super ladies do you think deserves their own movie?


Who Do You Think Should Have Their Own Film?


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