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Mary McMichael

One night at the McKamey Manor, the workers were setting up as usual. It took place on October 26, 2014. The workers were getting their makeup on their faces and costumes on, when there was a demonic scream coming from the hallway. The bravest worker to go check it out was Hunter Pennell. She's the bravest because she has dealt paranormal activity all of her life. So she's used to it and she also is a medium. By being a medium she can scare people even more to terrify the guests in the haunted house. It's really haunted but they don't know that yet. Hunter goes to check it out and she sees a demonic figure in a tub full of blood. The demon looks like it's sleeping but actually when she goes over and touches the demon it raises up, screams at her, and scares her to where she's running back to the crew. The reason that this place is really haunted is becauseit used to be an insane asylum. There was a lot of torture here. She comes running back out of breath. They ask her, "What's wrong Hunter?" She says, "I just saw a demon that scared me out of my mind." They say, "Come on Hunter, don't start with that stuff again." Then she said, "If you don't believe me suit yourself, but fair warning it's going to be a long night." She goes alone in the hallways and sets up equipment to prove to them that the old asylum is really haunted, but it's too bad that none of them believed her. But before we get to the tragedies lets keep going with the rest of the night. She's still setting up equipment, when she's done she tries to do an "EVP". When she does the "EVP" her phone rings and it makes her jump. She hesitantly answers the call and when she does she hears a demonic voice say, "You're all going to die tonight." She literally jumps out of her skin, then she runs back to the crew to help them get set up and her face painted. The crew asked, "Where were you? It's about to start." Hunter doesn't say anything because she's in so much shock. Then as they are getting ready to let the visitors into the haunted asylum, they find that they're wearing hospital bands on their right wrist. It has their name and all of their information, plus the exact date when the asylum was closed down. The crew just ignores the bands and take their guests into the haunted asylum. Hunter has all of her area ready to go, she's supposed to be an asylum doctor. She thought that if she dressed up like this that she might scare away the demon, but she makes it worse by letting them think that they need to scare the guests too. When all of the visitors first come in they get strapped down to a hospital bed with the arms and legs belts. The belts have ingrown to the skin once they put them over the wrists and ankles. The demon makes this happen to all of these people. Once the first person gets to Hunter, she pretends to do a lobotomy. Once the pretend scalpel is by the head it turns into a real one and she gets possessed by the demon. Which means an actual lobotomy was performed on the first person. The second person makes it to a Saw jigsaw trap, the reverse bear trap. This guest gets the bear trap attached to the head, with it piercing the man under the skin. He starts freaking out by how much blood he's losing. He responds by screaming, "HELP ME!!!" The Saw guy just laughs a really insane laugh and keeps laughing until the guy dies, yes he went insane. The next thing that happens is Hunter finally gets out of possession with the demon and freaks out because of what she did to the girl. The girl reaches consciousness again, and she asks, "What have you done to me?" Then Hunter says, "I don't remember anything, I'm so sorry, but the demon is telling me that he possessed me. I just wanted you to know that I would never do that to a person, ever." Then the girl said, "Thank you for your input but it's already done and it can't be helped." The girl starts to rock back and forth since half of her brain has been cut out of her own head and she's not mentally stable any more, like she used to be when she first came to the haunted asylum. Hunter walks away not being able to believe what she just did to the girl, she starts to beat herself up about it. The rest of the crew is done terrifying the people and they catch up with Hunter. They decide to go take a nap after getting into more comfortable clothes. They take their nap in the lounge room on the couches. When they wake up they find that they're locked into psych ward rooms and can't get out. They freak out because when they look at each other through the windows, they see that they're wearing hospital gowns. But the Saw guy's eyes turn white and he says we're here to get better, and he starts to laugh insanely. The only one not wearing a hospital gown is Hunter, instead she's dressed up like a surgeon again. She's also the only one that isn't trapped in one of the psych ward rooms. Hunter finds the spirit of the guy in the reverse bear trap, he takes over his body again. He decides to make the crew member, that went completely insane, paralyzed. He put a mechanical spine on his back and it starts working. Now that it's made the man paralyzed, the other man connects the spine to the wheel chair and him since he's attached to it and since there is no clear exit, he wheels the guy to the closest stairway and that stairway has a wall at the end of it. The guy in the wheel chair gets pushed down the stairs and he keeps laughing as he goes down. When he hits his head against the wall he dies because his brain was already internally bleeding from the reverse bear trap. The next thing Hunter notices is that the girl is having a seizure. Hunter doesn't know what to do, and the demon is looking over the girl making the other girl have the seizure. The seizure lasts so long the girl ends up dying. So the crew gets unlocked out of the psych ward rooms by Hunter. They try to do an investigation on the asylum. Hunter does an "EVP" and what she hears is horrific. She heard the demon tell its story of how it got to the asylum and all it had to go through. Hunter turns around and sees the demon standing right behind her that was playing with her hair. She screams and runs away to try to find the exit and every where she knew that there was an exit was either leading to another hallway or it was a dead end. Hunter goes totally insane and listens to what the demon tells her to do to the other crew members which is to disembowel them but instead of leaving the heart and lungs inside of them she takes those out too while the demon films it. She eats all of their organs and since all of the other crew members are dead she buries them in an underground tunnel she found, it turns out to be the Paris Catacombs. This is where she lives, she arranges the bones to be walls. Anybody who visits either place she kills and does the same thing with their bones. So anybody who either visits the Catacombs or the asylum will die if they don't avoid not going there in the first place. There are so many victims that have died in the asylum and is buried in the Paris Catacombs. So be ware you might find more than you expected.


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