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It is not The Grand Director, The Fallen Son or Man Out of Time! We have finally got a title! Civil War! I was always one of those who thought Civil War would be and Avengers movie.

Civil War is not going to be the massive crossover that it was in the comics. No secret identities, none of that stuff. There is nowhere near that many heroes in the movie.

The only confirmed heroes for the movie are Captain America, Iron Man and [Black Panther](movie:9047). Falcon is rumored, not confirmed. Civil War won't be on the scale of the comics either.

I think the movie will focus on Steve Rogers opposing the Superhuman Registration Act himself and his actions will ultimately repeal the act. I am unsure of Black Panther's role. He did eventually side with Steve but it's rumored that he will fill Spidey's shoes.

You know who I'd side with lol
You know who I'd side with lol

A big question is how do you contain this in one movie? I don't remember what contributor brought it up, but he does have a point. It's Civil War, condensed sure, but still. The answer is, you don't. It starts in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) and may or may not be carried over into Ant-Man (Don't forget Ant-Man is the movie between Avengers 2 and Cap 3 lol). As Alisha Grauso said in response to my comment, the results of the war will probably carry all the way to The Avengers: Infinity War.

I agreed until I remembered how few heroes there were for the movie. I think Cap 3 will be on the lines of: "you saw your mistake I suggest you don't make it again." Directed at Iron Man and the government. He obviously won't say that, but that is the gist. Captain America will fight this by himself, but who is the enemy? Iron Man looks like he will be the big cheese, but HYDRA could play a part too as some speculation goes.

Where is the forgiveness and final act though?

They'll need this to fight Thanos.
They'll need this to fight Thanos.

At some point, the two will have to set aside their differences. I think Black Panther will be the one to bring the peace.

He is the only other hero after all.
He is the only other hero after all.

I'm not entirely sure how though. If you ask me, Marvel brought him on too late. I would have had Black Panther in Phase II. But that's just coming from a fan who's second favorite hero is Black Panther and grew up with him being around to fight Ultron when he first came around. Until I The Avengers: Age of Ultron, I don't really have more to say on Black Panther. As far as I know, Marvel could make this T'Challa's best origin story.

Sure Captain America will get the act repealed, but there will be bad blood between Tony and Steve. Do you think Black Panther could find a way to bring the two Avengers together again?

I would say that I would love to hear their quotes, but there is no one to tell them too. The superhuman community won't be split, just Captain America and Iron Man will be.


How about Civil War?


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