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As stated in the recent Book of Life movie, the Mexican holiday: Day of the Dead is a time to pay tribute to the deceased with joyous arts and colorful crafts. This year, one group of people decided to honor the memory of an actor whose death was one of the most tragic in recent memory.

Today while I was browsing on Reddit Movies, I noticed a post by a user named Disorientedpossum. It said:

It's Day of the Dead and someone in San Antonio dedicated their altar to Robin Williams... Thought r/movies would appreciate this as much as I did...

I clicked the link to an imgur page, and what I saw next astounded me.

The tribute by one or more unknown artists.
The tribute by one or more unknown artists.

Wow...I Almost all of Williams' most famous roles are given the sugar skull treatment, painted and drawn in gorgeous colors. And they all look fantastic. From portraits of Mork and Mrs. Doubtfire to photos of Patch Adams and Popeye (with cans of Popeye Spinach to boot) to a gorgeous paper mache Genie being freed from a lamp, I can honestly say this is one of the most well made tributes to an actor I've seen in quite some time.

The display was created by a group of San Antonio artists known as Trinity Artworks (seen below). It was shown to the public at the Dia de los Muertos Festival at the La Villita Historic Arts Village in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Photo courtesy of the San Antonio Current.
Photo courtesy of the San Antonio Current.

I am actually shocked that this hasn't received more coverage online. I figured that something this incredible would have gone viral by now, but I guess everyone is still in awe at the amazing Furious 7 trailer that debuted today.

More pictures of this tribute can be viewed by clicking here. Needless to say, Trinity Artworks really outdid themselves here. I'm pretty certain that Robin Williams would appreciate this tribute.

To find out more about Trinity Artworks, visit their Facebook page or their website at


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