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Avengers Age of Ultron is undoubtably the biggest super hero film coming out in the next 6 months. That being said lets see if we can guess Avengers 2s storyline, how it will effect the Marvel Universe, and how it might influence the real world.

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is a rumor magnet! There is so much speculation regarding each character of the film that its hard to keep track of whats true. What we know for sure is that Ultron is coming, and he isn't messing around. Rest assured that none of these are actually spoilers just my prediction for the storyline based on rumors and speculation...

"There are no strings on me."
"There are no strings on me."

Heres what we know. Following the first Avengers our heroes for the most part went their separate ways. While it seems that Hawkeye and Hulk are laying low, the other Avengers have been busy. Captain America and Black Widow went on their own adventure taking down the Hydra infested SHIELD. Thor fought to save Jane Foster and defeat the evil dark elf Malekith. After his fight with the Mandarin, Tony Stark has decided to stop being Iron Man and focus on other things. Tony helped design the new turbines for SHIELDs massive hellicarriers in The Winter Soldier, and it appears Stark has been working on robotics too given that he somehow created Ultron.

While [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) was a part on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it does not appear to have anything to do with Ultron and his storyline. Rather it looks as though their paths will inevitably cross with the Avengers sometime farther down the line.

Which brings us to the Avengers 2 trailers...

Check out the main trailer here!

It seems from the recently released trailers that all of the Avengers are good friends following the Chitauri invasion of New York. Almost every major player is attending a fun get-together at the Avengers tower. Suddenly Ultron shambles out from a dark corner, as most super villains do. He seems to be broken apart and only half put together. He lifts another older model of himself off the ground and crushes its skull. All of course while giving a scary monologue about how everyone is just a puppet tangled in strings. This has me asking questions.

Check out an awesome scene from Avengers 2, with all the Avengers trying to lift Thors hammer.

Why does Tony Stark have have blown apart robots lying around his tower? Why is he building Ultron in the first place? To substitute for Iron Mans absence perhaps? Is he trying to make a body for JARVIS to live in? If they are all puppets, who is the puppeteer? Ultron? Tony?

"You're all puppets, tangled in strings."
"You're all puppets, tangled in strings."

SO MANY QUESTIONS! Why is Tony making robots? Who knows. It could be for a number of reasons. The robots are not the problem, its the program that is Ultron! The trouble with Ultron is that he isn't a physical thing, but rather a program capable of taking over any form of technology on the planet. Like if the internet became evil, basically. Imagine if the internet became evil, and decided that humans were inefficient, weak, and damaged. That is Ultron, but in Marvels world there are also Iron Man suits, robots, and other forms of tech that we don't have in the real world.

So Tony makes Ultron and gives him a body. Somehow Ultrons programming is corrupted and he decides to go all evil. How does this happen? Perhaps this is the connection to Thanos and his various gems for the Infinity Gauntlet. Maybe Tony finds one of the gems and uses it Frankenstein style to make Ultron "live". When he does this we see that Ultron truly is a monster. Ultron awakens and decides to build an army of drones. The Avengers battle these drones, while Ultron is off somewhere plotting his world domination.

Ultron decides to take out the Avengers, making his world domination all the easier. He leads a small army to fight them, leaving them scattered and wounded. I have a theory that Ultron sees "humans" as the problem specifically. Of the Avengers only Thor isn't human, and from the trailer it seems like he is far away from the battle a lot of the time. Also shirtless, but thats not the point. The point is he isn't human, so Ultron feels he is irrelevant to his mission, and simply teleports him away. The Avengers presume that he was killed.

Also during this battle, Pepper Potts gets kidnapped. Ultron uses her as leverage to keep the Avengers away. He then flees and searches for possible allies in the fight against the Avengers. He scours the dark crevices of the world wide web in search of beings with power sets that could take the Avengers out, and finds the twins. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. He frees them on the grounds that they fight for him against the Avengers. Once Ultron takes the base they are being held captive in down, he makes this his home base. He continues to build his armies and takes over the world.

Now I know what you were thinking, why would Ultron, who is hell bent on killing all humans, align himself with Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch? This goes back to my previous theory regarding his specific understanding of what is a human. Since Marvel is unable to use the term "Mutants" due to not holding the rights to X-Men related characters, I think it is very possible that the twins will be identified as Inhumans. This loophole could be what makes it possible for Marvel to use certain X-Men related characters but not identify them as mutants or X-Men. Plus the Inhumans movie has just recently been announced for 2019.

Avengers vs Ultrons army!
Avengers vs Ultrons army!

Back to the story. Ultron recruits the twins because technically they are not human but rather they are Inhumans, a completely separate species in Ultrons eyes. He then sends the twins to fight the Avengers, who are hiding in a location with no connection to technology. My theory is that their hiding place is an old abandoned house that is one of Nick Fury's secret bunkers the he told the Black Widow about. This battle with the twins results in Tony going into hiding alone and Bruce Banner "Hulks out" and flees. The twins retreat and go back to Ultron.

With Thor already gone, that leaves just Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Captain America sends Hawkeye to track the Hulk and try to calm him down. Captain America also sends Black Widow to find Tony, who went to a different bunker belonging to Nick Fury in order to try and build something that can stop Ultron. Cap goes off on his own mission to try and find where Ultron is hiding out, following the trail that the twins leave behind.

Hawkeye follows Hulk to a town that looks to be in Africa. It would be great if this town borders Wakanda. Wakanda is the kingdom of the Black Panther, who also has a film incoming. Hulks attack so near Wakanda paves a path for Black Panther to enter our world in the future.

Local police are fighting Hulk, when suddenly Ultron drones fly in to fight him too. Its a big mess until Iron Man shows up. Hulk assumes Iron Man is on his side, until the suit is revealed to be controlled by Ultron, and starts blasting the Hulk. Hulk overpowers the suit, until ANOTHER suit flies in. You guessed it! Hulkbuster units inbound! Hulk fights this new Hulk sized Iron Man suit being controlled by Ultron. Eventually Hulk wins, but is exhausted and runs off. Hawkeye is involved all throughout this battle, helping Hulk anyway he can. Only after Hulk runs off and turns back into Banner is Hawkeye able to catch up to him and regroup.

Concept art for the Hulkbuster armor vs Hulk fight
Concept art for the Hulkbuster armor vs Hulk fight

Black Widow is on her search for Tony, visiting various bunkers belonging to Nick Fury. She accidentally finds Nick Fury instead. Nick helps her, saying things like "Im sure I could help assemble the Avengers. I did it once, Ill do it again." Sam Jackson just sounds so awesome in my head! Lol. Fury pulls up camera footage from all his different bunkers, showing Tony in one of them. Natasha goes off to that bunker to get Stark back, only to find that Stark built another robot. This new android is special because Tony uses JARVIS as the artificial intelligence. With a new body JARVIS joins the team as The Vision, and all three go off together in search of their fellow Avengers.

Concept Art for The Vision
Concept Art for The Vision

I think it would make sense for Ultron to send Thor somewhere where he isn't able to get his hammer back, leaving him weakened and unable to fly. Im not sure where he'd be sent, but still after a while Thor escapes. He calls his hammer and is then able to rejoin up with the Avengers.

Captain America finds Ultrons hideout, but Ultron gets the drop on him. He captures Cap and steals his shield. Once captured, Ultron tortures and questions Cap. Ultron finds Captain America to be somewhat of a conundrum, as he is the best human kind has to offer, physically and morally. Ultron is still trying to figure out how humans work, so Cap is confusing to him. Before meeting Cap, he was certain that all humans were flawed. Feeling conflicted and confused, Ultron lashes out, hurting Captain America.

Witnessing this is Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who cant help but feel that what Ultron is doing is wrong. Changing sides, the twins attack Ultron and free Cap. While the twins are fighting Ultron, Captain America goes off to find Pepper. Cap is still weak from being tortured, so when Ultron sees Cap trying to get Pepper out, he lunges at them. Without his shield Captain America is unable to block Ultrons attack, and Pepper Potts gets killed. The twins then grab Cap and flee, leaving Peppers body, Caps shield, and a furious Ultron alone in his base.

The Avengers all regroup. This includes Tony Stark, Vision, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk/Banner, Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Before much can happen though, Ultron attacks with a massive army. Ultron also has Caps shield. When he walks up, he rips the shield to pieces, killing some shreds of hope for the Avengers to win this fight. This final battle is epic of course, possibly resulting in a death or two?

Ultron seems unstoppable. He overpowers Thor and Hulk, and with Cap still weak and Tony without a suit its up to our newer members to lay the smack down on Ultron, forcing the other Avengers to trust them for now. Eventually through teamwork they subdue Ultron for just a moment, and Vision phases in and does something using a "weapon" that Tony made back in Nick Furys lab. I know that all sounds vague, but they cant just kill Ultron. He would just find a new body. So more likely than not, Tony will have to invent a type of virus or special weapon to stop Ultron. Whether this virus/Ultron killing weapon is a flash drive, a gun, or a giant spear, who knows? Regardless this kills Ultron, saving the world and destroying all of Ultrons minion robots.

Everyone goes there separate ways for now. Tony finds out about Pepper, and subliminally blames Captain America for her death, saying he was unable to save her and that why she's dead. That issue is only hinted at, but certainly will fuel the fire for Captain America 3: Civil War. Tony, Bruce Banner, and Vision leave together. Thor visits Jane Foster before heading back to Asgard. Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Captain America leave together, with Cap holding pieces of his shield. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch leave together, going off on their own.

We see a severed Ultron minion head light up for a half second, and then cut to black! Implying that Ultron may still be out there, and could one day return!


Awesome Fan art
Awesome Fan art

And there you have it! If there are ideas you have to add on to my theory for the story, please comment! Also if you see something and know I couldn't be right about it, COMMENT! I want to know if I missed things or overlooked important details!

The film after Avengers 2 is Ant-Man, so I suspect an after credits sequence relating to him in some way.

This movie is nearly guaranteed to be successful. I suspect that it will surpass even the first Avengers in the box office, thus assuring the world that Marvel is the dominant species of super hero movie making right now.


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