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Won't you please make way for a very special guy?

I know, I know, it's not the Halloween season anymore (you'll pry it from my cold, dead fingers; it's always Halloween in my heart) but I've still got some cool, creepy things to share.

This one isn't really a cosplay, per se, more of an incredible original costume, makeup and prosthetic creation. I still think it's really cool though, and even if it's not directly from a movie or other franchise, I'm pretty sure this guy deserves his own.

You might remember Josef Rarach from my previous features of his kickass Zombie King and Chaos creations - I guess "creations" is the best word, since he has kind of transcended the genre of cosplay with his original concepts. In any case, he was kind enough to drop me a line to let me know about his special Halloween contribution! He's calling this one "Samhain," after the Pagan roots of our well-beloved Halloween.

This guy has some serious skill...

The level of detail is incredible.
The level of detail is incredible.

Rarach told me a little about the concept behind the imagery:

This is Samhain - the lord of Halloween. Because Samhain is a old Celtic tradition, we were inspired from old christian icons.

Here's the image he sent me that inspired him. While his design is a lot more elaborate and fancifully frightening, I can see the basic style inspiration at work. As a fellow celebrator of Samhain, I really appreciate the modern homage to a very old tradition.

The inspiration...
The inspiration...

Now enjoy the rest of the beautiful, creepy pics - and one that I think is pretty cute. (But maybe I just have a warped sense of cute. Still, worth a peek!)

Hello there, children~
Hello there, children~

Golden fingernails from the Inferno...

Creepy as all hell...

Awww, he got a pumpkin!
Awww, he got a pumpkin!

So cute!


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