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Agent Coulson was what saved the Marvel Universe from crashing at Phase One. He gave each of the heroes a reason to come together when the world needed them to. So I am sure many of you are now watching [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) and have seen Coulson dealing with the side effects of the alien technology; however, this article has little to do with that.

With the recent announcements of the next set of Marvel movies for the next five years, I have read numerous articles and heard several podcasts about fan speculation on what is to come. Some of the most anticipated movies are of course Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther and possibly Captain Marvel.
Nonetheless, I have a feeling it will be hard to bring together Ant-Man, the Netflix television shows, [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), Black Panther so that they are interconnected and reconnect during the Avengers: Infinity War. Not impossible, but difficult and I have a solution. Much like what occurred in the first Avengers, Agent Coulson brought our superheroes together. He is gone, with the Avengers believing him to be deceased. I think Marvel has a lucky card up their sleeve that they may have not released yet, for good reason.

This Ace up the sleeve is the Punisher. Punisher would be a huge and convenient connector for all the Earth bound heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He may not need a reason to accidentally run into a superhero other than he is here to take out the same villain as our main super hero, or it could just be a post-credit scene of him putting a beat down on a past villain trying to get information out of him/her.

This is a rough draft of how I imagined a Marvel One-shot introducing Punisher into the MCU: Camera opens to black haired, well built, thirty year old man with a black shirt, army pants and military boots in a silver interrogation room with Agent Coulson and two manila folders

Coulson (sitting down at the table): So Frank….(looks over one of the manila folders) Frank, Frank, Frank. You have been doing some not so nice things.

Camera looks at the man Coulson is investigating, who clearly is not saying anything to him, and is not afraid of Coulson

Coulson: Two tours in Afghanistan, presented three times the Silver Star and Bronze star, four times the Purple Heart, the Medal of Honor, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Wow. Should have recruited you to work for me. (nervous laugh)… And then you just drop off the grid. You take all your money out just drop off the face of the world.

Frank: You forgot the part about my family being murdered in cold blood. In front of me.

Coulson: … I was getting there. (Coulson slides the folder over to Frank with the flick of his wrist) Tell me, what happened?

Frank: I would have thought you read the report

Coulson: I have. But I tend to believe that what the report says and what really happened are two different things.

Frank: I had just gotten home, I had left right before the invasion and this had been the first time I had seen my family ever since then. We went to the park, and when we got there these big time mob guys were beating up some guy so I got the family back in the car and drove away. But the next day, I came home and there they are tying up my family in my house and him sitting on my couch.

Coulson: Who?

Frank: You know damn well who?! I have been chasing him all over the world and doing a better job at catching him than you or S.H.I.E.L.D ever could! I almost had him! But then you and your goons got in the way.

Coulson: That’s why I have you here ( as he slams his hands against the table)That wasn’t the real Kingpin. It was his double. Now We don’t know where the real Kingpin is but we wanted you to help us, you know him better than anyone else.

Frank: (standing up out of his chair) …why should I help you? I went to the cops, the F.B.I., the C.I.A. He has men everywhere on his payroll! I couldn’t get one person to take my case (he says as he walks around the room looking all over) How do I know you aren’t one of them? (he says while looking over his shoulder)
Coulson (as he slowly rises from his chair, one hand reaching out to him, the other reaching for his sidearm): Frank, please. I need you to calm down. This is not going to help you. There are half a dozen trained killers out there with weapons I don’t even know what they do.

Frank slowly sits back in his chair, never breaking eye contact with Coulson

Coulson: Thank you. (He says as he begins sitting and begins looking over the second manila folder) Now before we can work together, I need...

Frank: I never agreed to working with you. You guys just want to take me in after this is over.(he says as he turns his head to his side and crosses his arms)

Coulson: No, we don’t. You’ve heard of the Avengers I’m assuming. Well to be honest, they’re awesome. But, frankly I need more super powers for SHIELD

Frank: What are you talking about?

Coulson stands up out of his chair and begins approaching Frank: Well, ever since the whole Hydra incident, the Avengers have had to worry about their publicity a lot more. It’s not something me or the rest of my team are used to handling but.. well that’s just not something you need to worry about.

Frank: It feels like you are getting off topic.

Coulson as he sits down on top of the table with one leg reaching the ground and his hands folded in his lap: Yes I am. We have a new heroes coming into play. I want you to be a part of my SHIELD team, but to lead a different division of it.

Frank: You know I don’t play well with others.

Coulson: Yeah I’ve dealt plenty with (raises fingers in motion of quotation marks) “Non-team players”.

Frank: So what’s the offer you have for me? (as he squints his eyes at Coulson)

Coulson: Well, for starters you can say no. Walk away and continue chasing Kingpin with the small resources you have. I will wish you the best of luck. Or (as he stands up and begins walking back to the side of the table with the manila folder) you can help me, bring together extraordinary people who just quite aren’t ready for the spotlight and train them, and take down the kingpin in the process.

Frank (while staring at Coulson): So.. am I supposed to be in the spotlight? (with a hint of aspiration in his voice) Or am I just babysitting.

Coulson: No offense, but we both know how you work and I am just not quite sure the public will be praising you as much as Captain America( Frank looks down at the closed Manila folder)

Frank: So training? (truly emphasizing the so)

Coulson: You could see it like that, but we were hoping you could help us take down bigger guns with less publicity.

Frank: Kingpin’s head, you garuntee me that.( rising out of his chair, triumphantly with a smile on his face) And we( pointing to himself with his pointer finger out of a fist, and then to Coulson,) have a deal

Coulson: Sounds great. Want to see some of the toys we have?

Frank: Toys? (his eyes widen)

Screen blackens

Camera opens to Frank and Coulson in a shooting gallery alone. Frank shooting with Couslon standing back several feet.

Coulson (shouting which is broken up, until Frank stops shooting, sets the gun down, and turns to Coulson): So everyone on the Avengers has their own Alias. This is a very rare opportunity because you can choose whatever name you want.

Frank: My son, I gave him this skateboard (camera flashes back to Frank with his family at the park. Son holding onto a skateboard as the families flees into the car, letting go as Frank picks him up and carries him into the car). I had just bought it for him, first thing me and him did once I got home. He never had the chance to ride it. (Frank turns away from Coulson) It had Punisher written across the board. (Frank sheds a single tear across his face, while Coulson slowly puts his hand on Frank’s shoulder.)

Coulson: Punisher. I think it fits you.

Frank violently rubs his eye and shoves Coulson’s hand off his shoulder storming off. Camera Follows Frank walking out of the booth, showing Coulson standing alone. Coulson looks at the target Frank had been shooting at. Coulson presses the button bringing the Target forward. Camera shifts to the back of the Target approaching Coulson, bullet holes unseen through the target. Close up on Coulson’s face looking the target up and down. Coulson walks away and leaves the room. Camera shifts to target showing the Punisher emblem.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments below! Did you hate it? Would it be a cool Idea. Let me know. Thank you for reading:)


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