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In case you missed Marvel's HUGE Phase III announcements


These are all of the movies for Phase III.

With Chris Evans wanting to stay passed his contract and his third movie being Civil War, one has to wonder what happens to Bucky. I have some ideas.

1. Make him an Avenger (not Captain America)

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! S2: E22
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! S2: E22

This episode focused on Captain America going on his own to follow a hunch while the rest of the team did another mission. He did this with Nick Fury's help. They fought, and later teamed up to defeat the Red Skull. At the end of the episode the dialogue went something like this:

Steve - "Come back with me Bucky. Come to the Avengers, we can help."

Bucky - "Not a chance Rogers. I need to set some things right with my past. And besides, when were you ever able to stop me from doing something I wanted to do?".

Steve - "I hope you find what you're looking for, soldier."

Bucky - "Roger that, Bucky out".

I highly recommend watching this episode! It also gave me a few ideas as to how Bucky can be an Avenger.

We won't see them like this for Cap
We won't see them like this for Cap

So many Captain America 3 posts and comments, mine included, involved Captain America and Falcon going on a manhunt for Bucky and Zemo and Crossbones were the most popular villains of those. MODOK, Nuke, Red Skull, Madame Viper and even Sin came up. Agent 13 was in some of these ideas as well. Great ideas right!? They were shot down because Captain America: Civil War is the third movie. I was honestly hoping Civil War would be an Avengers film so Cap 3 could have been Falcon and Captain America getting Bucky back.

How to do it now? Bring Bucky into some episodes of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) Bucky/Winter Soldier/HYDRA was one of the secrets that Black Widow dumped onto the internet. So Coulson and his team would know about it.

The post credit scene of Cap 2 kind of shows Bucky getting his memory back. He could also be the HYDRA information part of the team. Not exactly Ward, because Bucky won't be locked up. Have him on a few episodes then bring him to the big screen as a post credit scene for Captain America: Civil War. Crossbones shoots Steve = Bucky kills Crossbones.

2. Keep him as a villain (highly unlikely, but you never know).

Avengers Assemble S2: E4
Avengers Assemble S2: E4

In this episode, Captain America and Falcon are going on a mission together. Falcon almost died during it. Falcon was reminding him of his partnership with Bucky, that guilt he has too. Bucky is hellbent on killing Red Skull and Cap is telling him no. Even though the Avengers need Red Skull for information, I'm still sure that Cap would still say killing him is not the way.

In this episode there is no hope for Bucky becoming a hero.


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