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With the mega amount of success superhero universes are raking in, it isn't impossible to think another genre may try and give it an official crack. And here I'm gonna give my opinion on why I think a Slasher movie universe may actually end up happening.

1. Reboots

Halloween (2007) Still
Halloween (2007) Still

Each major slasher movie franchise has already been rebooted with the exception of Hellraiser and Child's Play. And all have had a tremendous amount of success. But now moving forward, we can see how they all plan on restarting again. For what reason? To possibly begin a universe in which each villain is featured. Starting with the Friday the 13th reboot, which is being released in November of next year, and a possible Halloween reboot, which is said to be released at the end of next year as well. Both of which are followed by a Hellraiser reboot, a Leatherface prequel, and A Nightmare On Elm Street project I'm sure will be rebooted as well. So after putting 2 and 2 together, it isn't hard to believe these are all connected somehow.

2. Success

'Put us all in one movie, or we'll kill you'
'Put us all in one movie, or we'll kill you'

And of course I can't forget to mention the actual amount of success this plan would have, even if poorly executed. And I think the guys behind these might've finally realized this, all these years later. Freddy vs. Jason brought in $114,908,830 by itself, and the Halloween remake raked in $80,253,908 on its own as well. So I wonder what a movie with each of them in it would earn? Hmmm..

3. Popularity

The final reason on why I think a slasher movie universe may be a reality is because of each character's popularity. As awesome as it would've been back in the early 80's, fans wouldn't have wanted it as much as they do now. With each being household names, it's only common sense for them to be involved in one cinematic universe. A universe where girls fall for no reason, a universe that has no working cars, lights, or telephones when they're needed, and a universe that has villains who won't die no matter how many times you try.

And those are my opinions on why I think this cinematic greatness may be coming true, and soon.


Would YOU Be On Board For A Slasher Movie Universe?


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