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Not the superhero but the movie, "Nightcrawler" wins the weekend with 10.9 million for it's debut. Below expectations but still enough to get the crown. Should cap out around mid 20 mil when it is all said and done. Drop to #2 is "Ouija" with another 10.9 mil, just shy of taking #1 but to be honest, it may have been #1 but Universal may have conceded the week. Hanging on to #3 is "Fury" with an extra 9 mil as it continues to roll along. Still going strong at #4 is "Gone Girl" with 8.8 mil extra as it keeps heading to that 150 mil cume mark. Rounding off the top 5 is "The Book of Life" with another 8.3 mil as it struggles to get to 50 mil cume.

New movies that did not make the top 5:
Two but honestly it should be just one ... "Before I Go To Sleep" comes in at #14 with only 2 mil which is pretty bad. New comer Clarius Entertainment hitting solid ... brick on that one. Re-issue 10th Anniversary "Saw" comes in at #21 with only 650k which is extremely below expectations for both films but Halloween fell on that Friday, people do not go to the movie theatre on the day of the event typically.

New movies next week:
Two new movies this coming week and should re-launch the box office numbers! Up first on probably 4,000 plus screen is "Big Hero 6." This action-comedy-animated film should do really well and pop up in the mid 50 mil range, if not higher for its debut. Up next is the sci-fi drama "Interstellar" with about 3500+ screens and should not only do very well (40 mil plus) but should also have quiet an award buzz around it.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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