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Now this is a little freaky so proceed with caution:

Mary Dyer isn't a very well known person in history (17th century). You don't hear about her in school history books, or any of the other strange tales in the founding of such a great nation. Just the major events.

Not alot of people know this story, but Mary Dyer and an Anne Hutchinson were leading people away from the church and delivering them straight into Hell. Any who, both women were pregnant and each had a still-born baby, that doesn't sound like a big deal really but the description of Mary's baby is. This is taken from Governor John Winthrop's journal/diary:

it was of ordinary bigness; it had a face, but no head, and the ears stood upon the shoulders and were like an ape's; it had no forehead, but over the eyes four horns, hard and sharp; two of them were above one inch long, the other two shorter; the eyes standing out, and the mouth also; the nose hooked upward; all over the breast and back full of sharp pricks and scales, like a thornback [i.e., a skate or ray], the navel and all the belly, with the distinction of the sex, were where the back should be, and the back and hips before, where the belly should have been; behind, between the shoulders, it had two mouths, and in each of them a piece of red flesh sticking out; it had arms and legs as other children; but, instead of toes, it had on each foot three claws, like a young fowl, with sharp talons.

The baby had died two hours before being birthed, as soon as it came out the bed shook like a hurricane and EVERY single person in the room started getting migraines and throwing up like crazy. This "thing" wasn't even put into the town records. And about twenty years later, the Salem which trials 'officially' started (and there is some pretty scary things about that also.) So what do you think? I encourage you to do research on this or whatever.


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