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On MCM Comic Con in London there was a tons of new reveals for LEGO© Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.

So let us start.

Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash

First out we have the one and only Reverse Flash.

I think it's really really cool that they put him in the game.

His abilities are the same as the Flash: Enhanced walking speed, Super fast build, Overheat treadmills, Spinning attack.

Next up is Black Canary.

She looks pretty similar to what she did in LEGO© Batman 2.

Her ability is to break glass with her voice.

Next up is Captain Cold.

We saw him in the latest episode of The Flash, and he just looked cool in the episode. But not so cool in the game.

To his help he has his freeze gun and with that he can freeze water, put out LEGO© fires and freeze enemies.

Next up is Zatanna.

She looks like an magician simply.

To Zatanna's help she has her magic wand. She is the game's new Harry Potter.

Next upp is Hawkgirl.

She looks like a hawk, she flies like a hawk and she is a hawk.

To her help she has her mace and she has the ability to fly.

Last out to day, we have Etrigan.

He is one of many big figures in the game and he looks like Kurse in LEGO© Marvel Superheroes.

He has the abilities every big fig has and that is super strength, create and throw rock masses, break open special walls.

Well that was all for today. I hope you has liked it as much as I did and I will see you next time.

See you later alligator.


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