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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things
DW Smith

So I haven't really talked about Doctor Who series 8, mainly's a lot of filler/stand alone episodes. There hasn't really any bad episodes but there wasn't really any build to the final.

As far as Dark Water, I liked it a lot. Missy being The Master was an "oh shit" moment & while many predicted it, it was still fantastic. Loved how the Cybermen were revealed.

One of the podcast I was watching had some guest who were negative on Master being a lady & the idea of the Doctor being a lady. Some were put off to the idea so much they wanted Missy to be lying about being the Master or wanting her to regenerate into a male. This all can across sexist to me. To me, it doesn't matter who plays the Doctor as long as they are good. & maybe British. Their color or sex should not matter. In Mass Effect, the hero can be male or female, both sharing the same characteristics. Each Doctor does the same, regardless of age or actor. I would think it be the same for a female Doctor. In the case of The Master, this would apply still. People are being closed minded, in my view, when they are just rejecting Missy now being the Master. Haven't really got to see her as The Master full blown yet & people are dismissing her based on her gender. This really annoys me.

It seems, the older viewers have took issue with this more than younger from what reactions I've seen. Fans wanted The Master back. They get her back as Massy & some flip there chips. I find it to be interesting & exciting going forward. Also, how did Missy get out of Gallifrey? Wouldn't Missy know it's location? These interest & excite me as it opens possibilities for stories beyond series 8. If we get rid of Clara I would be happy. She's fallen down to the bottom with Rose for me. Hoping Death in Heaven is good.


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