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Not long ago, Stephen Amell, our beloved Green Arrow, started a fundraiser titled Fuck Cancer.

Taking advantage of his immense popularity like no other celebrity has done, Amell promoted this campaign on his Facebook account.

To raise money for this cause, Amell created T-Shirts resembling his iconic, Post-it note on forehead picture, But instead of declaring that he was online for a Q&A, the post-it note simply declared a strong defiant message. "Fuck Cancer"

The demand for these T-shirts were so high, that the third party website crashed!

Just a couple of minutes ago, Amell took to Facebook once again to announce this

Just shy of a Million Dollars. Wow. I'm lost for words.
Just shy of a Million Dollars. Wow. I'm lost for words.

Fuck Cancer's goal is to hold events all over North America for people who have been affected by the disease in any way. To gain access to these events, you just need the simple Fuck Cancer T-shirt. Money raised by this campaign goes directly to major Cancer Research Facilities all over North America.

This isn't the first time Amell has used his Facebook popularity for a tremendous cause. He uses his profile frequently to promote the campaign Prayers for Sophie. One of his most notable campaigns included auctioning an Arrow statuette of "The Arrow" on Ebay, that was personally signed by him. All the money raised from the auction went to the charity, and Amell personally donated the same amount of money from his own pocket.

There aren't simply enough superlatives to describe how great a man Stephen Amell is, but I am simply going to stick with this...

He is a real life Superhero.


Do you think more celebrities should use their popularity to promote more charities?


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