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There has been so much buzz lately about Marvels Cinematic Universe and the official press release of all of their future films for Phase 3.

A lot of people are bummed about the Hulk, [Black Widow](movie:1070824), and Hawkeye not getting their own movie. Which character not getting their own Phase 3 film shocks me the most? NONE OF THE ABOVE!

WHERE IS [Iron Man 4](movie:886190)?!

For dramatic effect...
For dramatic effect...

I'm actually very surprised that not so many people are realizing the lack of another Iron Man film! Or rather discussing it. Iron Man is the most influential character by far in all of the current Marvel films. He kick started the whole Marvel Universe, had not one but two of his own movies during Phase 1, and another in Phase 2. Tony Stark also dominated the first Avengers, having more impact and screen time than any of the other characters.

Does this mean Marvel is going to do a trilogy for all of its major characters? Are they just giving Robert Downey Jr a break? Well yes and no...

It appears from recent reports that while Iron Man isn't getting his own film in Phase 3, he'll still be around a lot! He's been confirmed for [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) as a major character.

In addition, Downey has recently gone on record stating that his number of appearances as Iron Man/Tony Stark will inevitably reach the double digits!

So though it appears he isn't getting his own film for a while, he's not going anywhere. Perhaps this is the reason no one is panicking about the lack of the 4th Iron Man?


Do you think Iron Man will get his own film in Phase 4?


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