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We all know who Garfield is, he has had numerous shows, books, comics and more merchandise than anyone could possibly count since his comic strip debut in the summer of 1978. I grew up with Garfield and so did a lot of other kids. And as it is with with other things so widely popular, Garfield has had his share of Holiday Specials. What i really like about this collection is it contains episodes from the classic Garfield cartoon series, which was my personal favorite, and probably the most well known.

Garfield Halloween Adventure

Of course Garfield is going to love Halloween, people everywhere giving out free candy! So he enlists Odie the dog for help collecting treats (tricks him is more like) and they set out on the town. It doesn't take long before their plans take an unexpected turn and they have to find a way home on Halloween night. There aren't enough Halloween specials out there so this is great to have and makes a perfect double feature with The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

A Garfield Thanksgiving

It's thanksgiving time, most likely the single greatest day in this over eating cats life. But when Garfield gets put on a diet the day before you know something has to give. Thanksgiving really gets the short straw when it comes to holiday specials so its cool that this got made. It's pretty entertaining too, from Jon's completely oblivious approach of cooking the dinner too his awkward dating and wooing practices.

A Garfield Christmas

A holiday special you have to put in your Christmas line up. Garfield Jon and Odie return to their families farm for a good old fashioned Christmas, and that's exactly what this special delivers. It even deals with other family issues like loss and is a great episode in general.

There are also two bonus episodes included, Garfield on the Town & Garfield in Paradise. All of the episodes featured were Emmy nominated and the Halloween episode actually took home an award. The collection also features an all new featurette The House That Garfield Built- A Visit With Jim Davis, that takes you on a trip to Paws, Inc. and lets you watch as Jim Davis draws and talks about Garfield, a must have for fans.

All of these Holiday Specials still hold up great, even compared to our other seasonal favorites. My Kids even watched them all and loved them. A must have in your collection.The Garfield Holiday Collection will be available on DVD on November 4th & on VOD and itunes on the 11th.


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