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If you think that Tom Cruise can't still kick ass at age 52, you'd be sadly mistaken. Not only was he absolutely amazing in [Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902) (or Live Die Repeat for those who missed it in theaters), but just recently, photos have surfaced of him performing one of his craziest stunts yet: scaling the side of a military plane (specifically, an Airbus A400M) at 5,000 feet. Why? He is filming a scene for the upcoming movie: Mission Impossible 5.

The plane with Cruise on it.
The plane with Cruise on it.

No, this is not a dummy, green screen, CGI effect, or a stunt-double. That is actually Tom Cruise clinging onto the side of a plane at almost a mile high.

The photos come courtesy of, and they show a lot of promise for the much-anticipated film. Though many were disappointed that acclaimed director Brad Bird is not returning, [Jack Reacher](movie:41244) director Christopher McQuarrie and his crew seem to be giving us quite a show.

A stunt coordinator doing safety testing for Cruise
A stunt coordinator doing safety testing for Cruise

It's actually quite nice to see a real airplane being used, as opposed to the "CGI" and "green screen" that many people assume have taken over the movie business. Practical effects and death-defying stunts are here to stay. Sadly, we still have a little over a year until Mission Impossible 5 hits theaters on Christmas, 2015.

To see more pics of the filming, visit The Daily Mail's article.


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