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When we last saw Beth Greene last season, she and Darryl had become separated from The Governor’s Prison attack. During that time, Beth decided that she was going have her first drink. Who could blame her, she witnessed her father decapitated by The Governor and who couldn’t use a drink after that ordeal. After she finally got a drink she and Darryl continued to trek towards Terminus, only to be overrun by a group of Walkers. As Darryl attempted to hold them off, Beth ran towards safety. Once Darryl dispatched with the undead, he came outside only to see Beth’s bags on the street, and a car pulling away with a cross on the back of the car. Fans of the comic book thought that Father Gabriel was the one taking her away to safety. But as we found out this season, he does not have her and has been living alone. So where is Beth?!??

We found out today.

The episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) begins with Beth waking in a hospital bed with an IV stuck in, with pretty much no memory how she got there. As she tries to open the locked door, her defensive mode kicks in and she yanks the IV out of her arm to use as a weapon (good thinking Beth). The first person she meets is the doctor of the hospital, who informs her that she is actually being treated in a hospital in Atlanta. Dang- after 4 seasons our heroes have never left the state of Georgia! In addition to the doctor, this hospital as a pretty good police presence. They inform her that they found her on the road and are treating her for her injuries and that she “owes them” for saving her life. Something tells us that this is not going to go well.

Now Beth is almost forced to work at the hospital as a nurse, where she quickly learns the rules of this community. Resources are scarce, so if a patient doesn’t have a strong survival chance, they are written off as dead, not assisted, and then tossed down an elevator shaft to the pit of Walkers below so they can dispose of their bodies. They are literally living in a “police state” where whatever remains of the Atlanta police department are providing order and security, and everyone else has to fulfill some sort of role there. A policewoman named Dawn is the head person in charge. There is highly suggestive creepy sexual overtones about keeping the officers “happy,” to the point that one of the residents would rather try and escape and be eaten by a Walker than continue her role. Needless to say, Beth realizes she needs to make herself useful, so she will not have to deal with sexual harassment/’rape or be disposed of as useless. Here Beth makes a new friend: Noah (an all grown up Tyler James Williams of Everybody Hates Chris) who works as an orderly in a similar “work or die” manner. They both bond over their frustration/hopelessness of their current situation. After Beth is slapped around by Dawn in frustration, because he is in charge of laundry, he gives her new clothes complete with lollipops in them. Could he be Beth’s new romantic interest?

As Beth is having trouble with her new living situation, she bonds with the doctor who shows her what is left of downtown Atlanta to give her the “big picture.” As bad as it is within their secure concrete hell-hole, it would be a lot worse outside. He then tells her that she needs to take the rest of the day off. He just asks her to give a specific medication to a newly admitted patient. As Beth gives the medicine, the patient begins to have a seizure and die. As Dawn asks what is going on, Noah lies for her and takes a beating by the cops to protect Beth. Beth tells the doctor what happened, and he explains to her that she gave the wrong medication, which is why the man died. At that point she decided that the two of them will escape the hospital together.

Beth receives unwanted sexual advance from the creepy officer. This time he takes her lollipop, puts it in his mouth, and then puts it in her mouth. The uncomfortableness was directed exceptionally well during that scene. Before anything else can escalate, the doctor interrupts the advance, and there is a “square off” between the doctor and the officer. If the doctor “disappears,” Beth’s days will be numbered. Lucky for both of them, he’s the only doctor there.

Beth and Noah hatch their escape plan. Noah has family in Virginia that they can escape to, but they first need the keys from Dawn’s desk. As Noah distracts Dawn and the officers, Beth makes her way to Dawn office. When she gets there the previous woman who attempted to escape has finally found a way to end her life and has killed herself. As Beth searches for the key, she comes across the wallet of the person she gave the incorrect medicine to. It turns out that the former patient was in fact a doctor himself. Just as Beth finds the key, “Officer Creepy” comes and catches her in the act. He promises not to tell Dawn if she “doesn’t tell,” implying he is going to have his way with her and there is nothing she can do about it. Beth sees the woman who committed suicide turn into a Walker and momentarily plays along, long enough to smash his head with a glass jar for him to fall and be Walker food. Then Beth and Noah make their escape.

As they make it down the elevator shaft they drop down into the “feeding zone,” and during their escape Noah falls and sprains his leg. However though all her time out in the wilderness (and Darryl’s training), Beth is able to fend off the Walkers and they escape to daylight. Outside Beth continues to shoot away at Walkers that come to eat her and Noah. As Noah moves ahead barrage of bullets come in and the hospital police officers dispatch the Walkers and apprehend Beth, but not before Noah and get away to safety. Beth smiles as she is being handcuffed and escorted back into the hospital.

In the hospital Dawn confronts Beth, but instead of getting the lecture this time, Beth yells at Dawn over her turning a blind eye to the creepy officer’s rape of patients as well as to tell Dawn that no one’s coming to rescue them and the last year of her life and all her sacrifices/concessions made were all in vain. Dawn proceeds to once again beat on Beth. As Beth is being treated by the doctor, she lets him know that she knew her gave her the medicine instructions to kill the patient, because the new patient was a doctor. If Dawn and the police officers found a new doctor, they wouldn’t need him anymore and he would then be expendable. The doctor rationalizes himself by saying St. Peter had to make concessions by denying Christ in order to live. After the doctor walks out, Beth grabs a pair of scissors with the intention of harming the doctor. Just before she has that opportunity, a new patient comes in beaten and unconscious.…. It’s Carroll!!!!


Because this was a “Beth-centric” episode, first thoughts were that this would be a filler episode. After all, Beth is not a character from the comic book, nor is she a particularly interesting character. The only real moments of drama for her throughout the series, was that she attempted suicide in season 2, and her moments with Darryl when trying to find her first drink. Could she carry an entire episode? The answer is Yes!!!! The episode gave more insight to her character who was simply “Maggie’s sister” earlier on and she now has her own individuality as well as inner strength. When she bashed Officer Creepy’s face and let him be eaten by the Walker, it was perfect. She also has now learned to operate in the world of The Walking Dead.

Speaking of that world: Are there any decent people besides Rick and Company? Just about every group they have run across has become an adversary? They had to deal with The Governor and the people of Woodbury, and ravagers who “claim” everything, and the cannibals of Terminus. It would be interesting if they run across another group of people who are desperate just like them, but do not offer any hostility. In fact, it would be even more interesting if Rick and Company ended up so desperate that they ended up being “the bad guys.” This new group: The Hospital Group, pretty much run like a communist dictatorship where if you don’t add any value to the group, you are expendable, to the point that if you offered no skills of use, at least you could keep others “happy” through sexual favors.

Dawn: a new kind of villain. The best villains are people who deep down in their heart do not see themselves as the villain. Dawn was a police officer who was trying to hold a hospital together until the Government got everything together and would come and rescue them. All her concessions made were for the greater good in her mind. So because this was all in service to “survival” she had no qualms about rape, and senseless police brutality. She also tended to use Beth as her own personal punching bad when she was stressed out as their current situation and was highly abusive as a result. She knew Noah lied for Beth, and still had her officers beat him senseless just for lying to them.


At the end of last episode Darryl comes out of the bush and when Michonne asks him who is with him he tells whomever is in the bushed to “come on out.” At the time, this confused audiences and there were a range of theories that perhaps Rick’s old friend Morgan had caught up with Darryl. It couldn’t be Carroll, because she would not need to be hiding.

So here’s a new theory: Darryl found Noah, and has had Carroll go to the hospital with the intention of rescuing Beth.

If one thinks about this, it this works quite well! Carroll single handedly rescued everyone from the cannibals of Terminus so she could have a strong shot of doing the same for Beth. Noah doesn’t just want to leave Beth behind knowing how terrible it is for people there and sought out help to go back and just happened upon Beth’s group. Darryl didn’t seem to happy when he came back to Michonne and Father Gabriel. He could have had to beat Carroll unconscious so that she could then infiltrate the hospital to rescue Beth.

Comic Vs TV Show:

This episode was completely comic storyline free. Since Beth is not a character in the comics and neither was the hospital group, this is completely uncharted territory. This actually makes the TV show interesting because it can actually spoil us comic book readers by completely not following the graphic novels.

The only thing that could possibly be related to the comic was that this was all done at a hospital in Atlanta. Could this have been the same hospital that Rick was in a coma from when the show/comic first began? Now sure there is more than one hospital in Atlanta, but it might be the same one.

Until next week!

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