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Hey zombie lovers we're back with the 4th episode of season 5 of The Walking Dead. If you haven't seen any of my written reviews for this season you just need to know that I review this strictly as a television series and not as an adaptation from the comic book series. If you read the comics please no spoilers below! Also, beware of any spoilers if you haven't been watching [The Walking Dead](series:201193) up until this past Sunday's episode "Slabtown".

Let's not waste any time and get rolling with the 3 bad things about this episode and the 3 goods. This week let's start with the goods:

The Goods

3. New Location. Well... different part of Atlanta

One of the only good things about this odd episode was that we finally got to not only discover the fate of Beth but see a new location. I know what you're thinking "we've already seen Atlanta" but no this was another group of survivors that we got to see how they run things.

This week there weren't any cannibals or men keeping heads in jars like the Governor but we saw a place that seemed good. Only at first of course. Beth wakes up in a hospital that is ran by a police officer and a doctor. They explain that the way they run things is that because they "saved" you from the walkers you owe them a debt. It's an interesting concept that had me intrigued on this new society. It was a nice change up that wasn't our normal group we've been following for five years.

2. Even the "Nice" Doctor isn't "Good"

One character we were introduced to this week was Dr. Steven Edwards who is the only doctor in the hospital. Throughout the episode we see him help patients, defend Beth from Officer Dawn Lerner, let her have some of his food "free of charge" as well as bonding with her and talking about some of the things that went down in Atlanta.

He seems like a great guy doesn't he? WRONG! We find out at the end of the episode that he purposely had Beth give a patient the wrong medicine that would kill him. Why? Because that patient was a doctor as well and Dr. Edwards was worried he would be expendable and be killed by Lerner. That is just cold to not only cause someone's death but have Beth do it and make her think that it was her fault at first? Damn. Maybe there's more to this doctor that we know!

1. Beth wasn't weak she was kinda a Badass

That's right you heard me. For those who have hated Beth since she had her little suicidal storyline back in season 2, I actually kinda enjoyed her. Did she deserve a whole episode just revolving around her? More on that later. However, what I enjoyed was that Beth wasn't a normal damsel in distress. During her escape with Noah she gave probably 8 walkers a clean headshot not to mention one of them a curb stomp!

I hate when certain characters are just useless. That may sound cruel but in the early seasons when Carl, Andrea, Carol and many of the women and children couldn't do any killing of the walkers I was annoyed with them really easily. Now, that Beth can take care of herself by taking down the one rape'y cop and almost 10 walkers? Yeah, she's someone you want around. Plus, she was good with baby Judith which was always a plus in the past.

Let's move onto the BADS of the episode!

3. Why have Carol show up at the last second?

This really bugged me. I'll talk more about what would've made this episode more bearable in my #1 bad section but one reason was that we had absolutely no check-in with Rick's group or the group heading to Washington OR Darryl and Carol trying to save Beth. No, I'm not counting that final scene. That was a cheap way to make us want to tune in next week.

Honestly, I probably would've preferred no Carol showing up at all compared to this little tease. It's like the writers were like holy sh*t we just wrote an entire episode ONLY about Beth maybe we should shoe-horn in one scene to hold everyone over until next week!

2. Dr. Trusts Beth with Medical Doses! Seriously?

This may sound very nit-picky but honestly Dr. Edwards trusted a girl that he just met who has NO medical experience to be administrating medicine? I'm sorry I know this is a world where zombies are walking around but what doctor would REALLY let someone do that!?

I'm not going to rant about that very long but that seemed very out of place and odd for a doctor to do even in a world where the dead rise.

1. This was a Beth solo episode...

This was obviously the main issue with this episode without a doubt. I'm not blaming the actress or the fact that it's the Beth character I like them both. However, when we have around 15-20 characters on a show why on earth would we do an episode just about ONE of them? Pacing-wise it really doesn't make sense.

Okay, we didn't have to show Carol or Darryl getting close to the hospital yet. That's fine. How about the B-Story of the episode be about the group heading to Washington? Even if we only give them like four scenes or something it would help these solo episodes. If I was writing reviews for last season my least favorite episodes would be the dumb Governor solo episodes. This show has enough characters to juggle we don't need 40 some minutes of only one character.

What did you guys think though? Was this an entertaining follow up to last week's episode or was it boring as hell? Please comment below so we can discuss!

Thanks for reading and have a tremendous day!

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Were you able take the Beth solo episode down like a lollipop? (sorry had to do that joke)


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