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There are so many awesome fan theories out there about Pixar and Toy Story, from Andy's mom being Jessie's original owner, to all of our favorite movies being interconnected. However, it was another character altogether who grabbed the attention of Reddit user londongarbageman, one who you might not even remember straight away: Sid Phillips.

Wait, who is Sid again?

Sid was the toy abusing kid who lived next door to Andy, and had big plans for a Buzz Lightyear fireworks display. Fortunately, Sid finally learned his lesson after Woody and Buzz joined forces with Sid's hybrid creation toys to scare him away from torturing toys.

In fact we even saw that Sid got a dose of karma in Toy Story 3, when we caught a glimpse of him working as a garbage man, sort of like his own smelly punishment for torturing toys as a kid. Did you catch it?

He's a garbage man, so what?

Now this is where londongarbageman dug a little deeper into Sid's new profession and applied his own expertise as a real life garbage man to Sid's situation:

Now being a garbageman has one of the biggest perks that you may not have realized. We find things. Lots of things. I even found a 42 gal trash bag full of Lego..I don't have a picture of the matchbox cars I've found because there's just too damn many...And don't even let me start on the Barbies.

Um, free toys!? Definitely a sweet work perk.

Photo: londongarbageman
Photo: londongarbageman

So what does this all mean?

Put yourself in Sid's shoes: as a kid he had this horrific experience learning that toys are sentient. This experience probably scarred him for life and meant he was never able to look at toys the same way again. Imagine what it would be like knowing that toys were alive and people were chucking them away when they no longer needed them. This is why he chose a job as a garbage man, as Londongarbageman explains:

Sid isn't...working a crappy job. He's trying to save them. He is trying to save the toys. He picked the one kind of job where you can rescue those things

Sid is actively trying to save toys that other people have thrown away!

And perhaps he's doing even more than just rescuing the toys. As we saw in the original Toy Story, Sid is quite the creative soul; imagine if he applied his Dr. Frankenstein skills and used them for good, giving old toys a second chance.

To be honest, isn't that what Andy did with Woody, Buzz, and the gang anyway? He gave them to Bonnie, and gave them a second chance at giving joy to another child.

So, maybe Sid did learn his lesson and did more than just keep it to himself, he applied his knowledge to give rescued old toys a new chance at making kids happy again. Personally, I love it and londongarbageman has really changed the way I think about Sid.

What do you think of this theory? Tell me in the comments below.


Do you think Sid became a garbage man to rescue toys?

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