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Now, when it comes to epic, legendary comic-book filmmakers, there aren't too many out there who can top Christopher Nolan.

With the three films in his Dark Knight Trilogy, Nolan instantly established himself as arguably the most respected superhero movie director working today - and, then, he promptly stopped making them - with The Dark Knight Rises seemingly marking the beginning of an indefinite hiatus from the superhero genre.

Or, at least, that's what we thought.

Recently, Nolan revealed during an interview with Time Out that:

"I think I had a great experience with the superhero genre and got to explore a lot of things, but it was a good decade of my life and I find it hard to imagine returning to it. But never say never."
Otherwise Christian will definitely cry...
Otherwise Christian will definitely cry...

Which is...not quite the subtly hinted confirmation that we were hoping for, but it's also an opening, and hopefully the beginning of a not-too-long journey back to superhero-ing for Nolan.

If he does come back, though - what movie should he make?

Tempting as it is to imagine a Nolan directed Marvel movie (Iron Man 4, anyone?) he's seemingly far too attached to Warner Bros. to ever stray too far from DC. So here, without further ado, are my favorite candidates for ...

The Three (DC) Superhero Movies Nolan Should Make

Starting with...

Suicide Squad

Now, Fury's David Ayer is reportedly about to sign (or has just signed) on the dotted line to direct Suicide Squad, so this one's not all that likely - especially as it's set for release in 2016. Even so - just how awesome would a Nolan version of this movie be?

Just imagine it:

Harley Quinn...


and the rest of the awesomely criminal gang...

...all brought to life by the man who gave us Heath Ledger's Joker.

Now that would be a way for DC to compete with Marvel.

Although not as great a one as...

The Dark Knight Returns

Imagine yourself in the early 2020's. Warner Bros. has released all of its current slate of DC movies to fanfare, success, and general merriment. They've gone on to produce a Ben Affleck-starring solo Batman movie or two. Everyone loves them (or at least doesn't hate them).

And then Affleck walks away...

And then, amid the chaos of the ensuing fallout, Christopher Nolan steps up, and sets out to restore the franchise with one final part of his Dark Knight cycle:

The Dark Knight Returns. Starring Christian Bale.

"I'm Batman...Again."
"I'm Batman...Again."

In which an aging Batman returns to fighting crime in Gotham after years away, only to be opposed at every turn - including by Superman...

Sure, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will already have incorporated elements of the story into it, but the full scope of the tale's epic, post-apocalyptic scope would still be waiting to be interpreted.

And who better to do so than Nolan?

The only thing bigger than that?

Kingdom Come

DC's epic, alternative reality tale from back in 1996 could be the perfect option for a final Nolan DC movie.

After all, it features Batman (welcome back, Mr. Bale), the whole already-established DC roster (but, being an alternative reality, allows for re-casting if need be), and a conflict between those established heroes and a dangerous new generation of amoral super-powered vigilantes.

Also, old man Superman.
Also, old man Superman.

What's not to love?

And, more importantly, can you imagine how much fun Nolan would have exploring the depths of an anarchic, vigilante-ridden dystopia?

Now, though - the big question: What do you guys think?


What superhero movie would you like to see Christopher Nolan direct?

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