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When it comes to awesome fan art, there's an awful lot of it out there. After all, there're a whole lot of ridiculously talented artists out there, all with a seemingly unlimited supply of creative inspiration.

And, when you add Marvel to the mix, that's when things really start getting interesting.

Specifically, when you head down the rabbit hole of awesome Marvel fan art, it can be a little...challenging to find your way out. There is, after all, just so much of it...

And then Marvel announced that they'd be making Captain America: Civil War.

And this giant pile of awesomeness happened:

Tony and Cap Just Got Divided

Created by DeviantArt's Ancora Design, this fan-made poster manages to capture pretty much the exact tone I'm expecting to see in the final movie - even if the overlap of Iron Man's armor onto Cap is totally freaking me out.

That's not the only piece of awesome Civil War poster fan art out there, though...

Here're five of my favorites:

1. Cap Teams Up With...The Punisher?

Created by MrSteiners, also of DeviantArt - this poster imagines a very Punisher and Cap-centric Civil War, which, considering the pair's role in the comic version, isn't as out there an idea as it might seem.

2. Cap Gets All Days of Future Past

Comicbookmovie user Avenger87 took the classic Days of Future Past comic cover design, and gave it a Civil War twist - and, in the process, predicted Benedict Cumberbatch's likely casting as Doctor Strange. Last March.

3. Cap Gets His Closeup

In this, the first in a series of awesome close-up posters by DeviantArt's Enoch16 - in which Cap get's tough (albeit with a slightly unconvincing beard). Which, presumably, Steve's stuck on to look older...

4. Iron Man Gets Dangerous

the next of Enoch16's closeups shows Iron Man getting his glare on - and highlights the two heroes differing perspectives with the stark choice between Justice and Freedom.

5. Spider-Man Gets Involved

And then Spider-Man gets involved, and Enoch16 brings the whole thing full circle with the hero's choice getting pushed center stage.

Which probably won't be in the final movie, but it's pretty darned awesome all the same...

What do you guys think though?


Favorite Civil War fan art?

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