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While the rest of the Fast & Furious 7 cast buzzed with excitement at the live event to launch the long awaited trailer, Vin Diesel cut a sombre figure, and it appeared that he was trying cloak his grief from the crowds.

I'm sure I am not alone in interpreting Diesel's dark sunglasses in the studio as a tool to mask his sadness, and it was clear from the speeches Vin made that this was a supremely emotional day for the patriarch of the Fast family.

Diesel declared that the most important thing about the movie was to honor the late Paul Walker and his legacy within the franchise.

Vin Diesel cut a lonely figure
Vin Diesel cut a lonely figure

The 47-year-old actor emotionally addressed Fast fans with the following heartfelt message about soldiering on despite the loss of his brother Pablo:

When we decided to go back to work when Universal was so supportive about us continuing the film, it was unanimous, it was across the board that the most important thing would be to honor my brother Paul and his legacy. When we used to come out of the premiere…when Paul and I would come out of the premiere of every movie that was released, he would always say, ‘We can make a better one.' It’s not in the can yet. He would say the best one’s still in the can. I guess it was a purpose to making this movie, to completing this movie unlike anything I have ever experienced, because we had a loved one that we were honoring. And we were going to do everything in our power to make sure Furious 7 would be his legacy and his greatest achievement.
Diesel was visibly upset during his address
Diesel was visibly upset during his address

Despite the excitement of the epic trailer, Diesel chose to focus on the bonds that have been forged over the years in the Fast family and how tough it was to lose an 'angel' like Paul Walker. He told interviewers that:

Paul was so integral in this saga. He was a true brother in this saga. And he lived it. And it was important for us to continue in his spirit. In many ways, he helped us complete this film, because it was the most ambitious Fast & Furious we’ve ever filmed. But it was definitely a tough time, because you all see Paul Walker on screen, but you never could really imagine how wonderful an angel he was, and how special he was, how much of a loss it is for us for him not to be up on this stage now

After the fast-paced and exceptionally polished trailer blasted onto screens the celebratory atmosphere was plain to see among cast members, but while Tyrese Gibson was leading the celebrations, Vin's mind was clearly elsewhere.

Who knows what was going through Diesel's mind as he somberly remained seated, but it's not a great stretch to imagine he was reflecting on how his brother Pablo should have been there.

Vin Diesel seemed contemplative
Vin Diesel seemed contemplative

It was obvious that Paul has been on Vin's mind all day because the Fast star also posted this touching image of him enjoying a quiet moment with his departed friend less than an hour before the event took place.

After viewing the kinetic and adrenaline fueled trailer, let's hope that Vin Diesel agrees that Paul's memory has been well and truly honored in the way he desperately wants it to be.

Paul always strived to make the best Fast film humanly possible, and I have a feeling [Fast & Furious 7](movie:264263) could be it.

Well done to the cast, and an even bigger well done to Vin Diesel. The Fast fans are with you, big man.

Here's the full Furious 7 trailer in case you missed it.


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