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After we finally learned Beth's whereabouts in this Sunday's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), it was a roller-coaster of emotions! We were happy she was alive, worried because she was stuck in this bizarre hospital, and angry about the abusive new characters we were introduced to.

But while we were enjoying all the feels of the episode, Twitter was putting those feelings into hilarious memes and hashtags, check out a selection of the best:


When Beth became a nurse despite having no training

I guess they don't have many options post-apocalypse but c'mon, maybe they could have given her a day to get her bearings?


After Beth kept getting slapped around

Sidenote: How amazing would a Walking Dead and The Nightmare Before Christmas mash up be? I call it: The Walking Nightmare.


When we were introduced to Noah only to find he was really still Chris

I mean seriously! Is it possible he adopted the name Noah post-apocalypse and before that he really was Chris?


When Carol rolled in on a stretcher

What DID go on in that car?!


After Beth was tackled trying to escape the hospital

To Beth's credit it was a good try, and we may see that at least one of them escaped in next weeks episode!


Finally, this bad-ass grin of Beth's definitely needs to be remembered

Is she smiling at anyone or anything in particular, or is she just smiling because she knows some day soon those hospital folk will get a taste of their own medicine?



Did episode 4 "Slabtown" make you like Beth more as a character?

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