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The Iggy Azalea/Snoop Dogg beef dust may have settled, but the 24-year-old - whose real name is Amelia Kelly - is still making it known that Snoop's bitching hasn't got to her!

For Halloween, Azalea completely won Halloween when she dressed up as a character from White Chicks, in reference to Snoop's now-deleted Instagram post saying she looked like Marlon Wayans in white girl face. He said:

Instead of complaining, Iggy took the power back into her own hands and controlled the narrative by turning herself into a real life White Chick for Halloween. And honestly? It might be one of the best costumes of the entire year. Check this out:

Nice try, haters...

Say what you will about Azalea or her music, but this is a pretty great way to stand up to a bully, no? Well played, Iggy. Well played. And still a bombshell.

And this rapper wasn't the only celeb with an awesome Halloween costume this year. Check these guys out:


1 - Rihanna as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

That's gotta be the hottest reptile I've seen for a while...


2 - Justin Bieber as a Power Ranger

Playing up the adorable angel will only get you so far, Biebs...


3 - Katy Perry as a Cheeto

... Just in case anyone forgot to stash up on party nibbles.


4 - Neil Patrick Harris and his family as residents of Gotham City

And the CUTEST FAMILY EVER award goes to these guys.


5 - Taylor Swift as a Pegacorn

Could've guessed Tay would be keeping it squeaky clean...


6 - Jaden Smith as an astronaut

Is he still in hiding after After Earth?


7 - Paris Hilton as... Herself?

Welp, someone's gotta do it!



Favorite celebrity Halloween costume?

(Source: EliteDaily)


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