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Star Wars: Battlefront

If you haven't heard of the most recent updates surrounding the Star Wars Battlefront game, it is now entitled just that, as the '3' has been removed. Also, the release date shall be in late 2015, therefore it will more than likely coincide with the release of Star Wars Episode 7.

We don't exactly have a large degree of information on Star Wars: Battlefront at the moment, thus a tremendous amount of speculation has been surrounding this game, with seemingly a new topic of discussion every week. Seeing as Halloween just passed and this particular notion of Deathtroopers just came to mind, I thought I'd explore the ideas in this article.

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Deathtroopers in Star Wars Battlefront 3

Battlefront News! has just speculated that these space creatures may make an appearance in the next Battlefront game. To explain a little bit about them, let's quickly examine their origin. Deathtroopers first made an appearance in Joe Schreiber's 2009 novel appropriately titled Star Wars Death Troopers.

Star Wars
Star Wars

The book follows an Imperial prison ship known as the Purge, which is home to 500 of the galaxy's most ruthless killers. Eventually the Purge breaks down in an uninhabited part of the galaxy, and the only hope for those onboard is a seemingly abandoned Star Destroyer found floating in space.

When a boarding party sent to search for supplies returns, only half of them have made it and the rest bring with them a terrifying disease which threatens to wipe out everyone on board within hours. This sounds so similar to other space games in recent memory. Sounds just like Alien: Isolation and a bit like Dead Space also, in that a team is always required to check out an abandoned space craft with something unknown onboard.

My only reservation with regards to this idea is that Disney has announced that most of the extended universe has been excluded from the main canon. Star Wars Battlefront has been announced as part of this canon, thus an appearance of these characters may not exactly manifest in the campaign, but what about a Call of Duty style zombie mode?

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront

It would be no harm to borrow from the extended universe in some respects, I mean Disney hasn't completely ignored its existence. Therefore, a minor inclusion of these Deathtroopers certainly wouldn't be something we'd complain about in a mini-game. Imagine getting to survive on a broken down starship as wave upon wave of these creatures attack you and your Jedi companions.

Oh yes, I wasn't picturing this mode with a gun in hand, I want me a lightsaber. Perhaps Deathtroopers wouldn't be the only enemy either. As the waves continue, more and more difficult enemies surface, like a powerful wookie or demented ewoks! This is of course more unlikely than the prior suggestion, but we shall see. What are your thoughts? Do you think we'll see elements of the extended universe such as these Deathtroopers in Star Wars Battlefront 3?

Let me know in the comments! Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC late 2015.


Do you think we'll see extended universe content appear?


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