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Why we’re getting another [Steve Jobs](movie:267874) film is a question even Siri can’t answer, but then ours is not to reason why. Instead, we should be slightly more interested in Steve Jobs biopic 2.0 (sorry Ashton), particularly as this one is being helmed by Danny Boyle, written by Aaron Sorkin and starring Christian Bale as the titular innovator. That not enough to peak your interest? Well, perhaps the recent rumours that Seth Rogen will also be coming aboard the project might. That’s right! The Green Hornet and Batman will appearing on screen together...kind of...maybe.

News comes from The Wrap that Rogen has been approached to step into the shoes of Steve ‘Woz' Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and the fella who built both Apple I and Apple II. He’ll star opposite Bale as Jobs and three important moments in his career; including moments backstage at the reveal of the first Mackintosh, NeXT and finally the time when the Apple man revealed the very first iPod to the world and blew our tiny minds.

Admittedly the likeness between Rogen and Woz is pretty slim, with the only noticeable similarity being that they both have four limbs and a head. Nevertheless, it’d be an interesting role for Rogen to take on and a further step into dramatic territory following his efforts with Take this Waltz and 50/50. Fingers crossed he’ll gain just as much credit from it as his giggle-giving mate Jonah Hill, who hasn’t done too bad with playing it straight lately, either. Take note, Seth.

Currently there’s no confirmed dates in terms of production for the film or its release, the only other sliver of information is that Jessica Chastain has been approached for an undisclosed role. Recently she shut down said rumour after she was approached by Empire so it could simply be a bug in the system.

What do you think of Rogen and the role though? Is he a good fit? Is this the sort of field the man who’s given us an array of pot and dick jokes should be walking in to? Sound off in the comments below.


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