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Drew Goddard and (Lord) Joss Whedon's "horror" movie parody-em-up, The Cabin In The Woods, is a stupidly fun and an intelligent tip of the hat to the age old tropes and cliches present in the horror genre. But what I never realized was the sheer volume of cheeky nods and homages to past movies and video games, besides the obligatory legendary monsters and the flipping cabin! I mean, if you have a keen eye you'd probably spot a few, but did any of you notice the infected from Left 4 Dead? Yeah, me neither.

The highly observant YouTuber GoodBadFlicks, or Cecil Trachenburg as he is known to members of the real world, has helpfully taken it upon himself to list all of the references found in The Cabin In The Woods. Here's the vid...

The video is over nine minutes long, so if you don't have the time to take in its wondrous nature, here's a breakdown of the juiciest bits:

The Evil Dead

Fanboy much?
Fanboy much?

There are lots of Evil Dead references in the movie, one of the most obvious being the cabin itself! Nicely done.


Fantasy Monster League roster
Fantasy Monster League roster

Here we have a list of the majority of monsters that left their mark on the humans in the movie. Some of them being IP from other movies, and others simply there due to their iconic status. Deadites and Angry Molesting Tree are two more Evil Dead references, and the Alien Beast being a play on the Facehugger from Alien!


"Them people ain't human!"
"Them people ain't human!"

One of my favorite monstrosities in The Cabin In The Woods is a Reaver from Whedon's Firefly, or as I like to call it "The Best Show That Ever Happened To TV. Why FOX, Why?!" Though the validity of the Reaver's appearance can be questioned due to no face with scarring being shown.

Game References

There are a couple of cool nods to scary games in here...

Like Alma from F.E.A.R., seen above.

Left 4 Dead

A Boomer!

A Hunter!

A tiny bit of the Tank!

And a Witch!

It was said that Left 4 Dead 2 would have had The Cabin In The Woods DLC, where we would've been able to play both upstairs in the cabin and downstairs in the 'facility'! MGM's bankruptcy kinda put a halt on that idea, which is a damn shame.

Non Monster References

Some honorary mentions here...

The diary is a direct reference to the Necronomicon from, you guessed it, The Evil Dead, which was written by...

Patience Buckner, daughter of the Zombie Redneck Torture Family, who is played by actress Jodelle Ferland, who played Alessa in the Silent Hill movie adaptation!

There are many more homages and loving nods included in the video, so do check it out! I, for one, have even more love for The Cabin In The Woods after this. Might take a trip back later tonight...

(Sources: GoodBadFlicks via Polygon)


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