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If you thought your Halloween dose of horror movies was traumatizing enough, imagine being trapped inside one of them. Affected - a virtual reality horror game that utilises the Cyberith Virtualizer and Oculus Rift - might just be the closest thing we will ever get to simulating a living, interactive nightmare. Playing Affected doesn't exactly sound like my idea of fun, but watching someone else suffer through it certainly does.

If you're not familiar with the technology, the Virtualizer records a player's physical body movements in real life and replicates them in a game world, while the Rift does the same with head tracking. When used in combination, well, the results speak for themselves...

The game has only just begun (as Jigsaw would say) and already she's gnawing her knuckles in terror. The worst part is over though, right?

'Run' says the ouija board! Thanks to the Virtualizer she can...straight into another dark and creepy room.

Ominous jazz music blares from an ancient looking record player and she recoils in defence. Because anachronistic music is scary.

Her persistence and bravery must be admired at this point, as she continues to walk - or rather tip-toe reluctantly - down the darkened hallway. That is until...

...this truly terrifying blood-soaked ghoul shrieks in her face, forcing her to tear off the Oculus headset.

Exhausted, she grabs the Cyberlith's frame for support; support that she clearly isn't receiving from her companion in the video, who finds her torment hilarious. I must admit, I was laughing all the same as I watched.

If this video proves anything it's that by combining these new technologies developers can create frighteningly immersive experiences more affecting than anything we've seen before. Rather than remaining a passive viewer waiting to be scared by a film, the Virtualizer and Oculus demand that you, quite literally, walk towards the very source of your fear, and that's quite a terrifyingly unique experience.

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