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Sometimes it takes a community to make Halloween dreams come true...

Which is why 12 SWAT team members dressed as famous superheroes and comic book figures and rappelled down the side of a local children's hospital in Colorado as a treat for the sick kids.

These real-life heroes had spent about a month planning the whole thing and wanted to bring joy to these kids after being inspired by costumed window washers elsewhere.

And it seems the mission was a massive success, as Officer Slaman - aka Wolverine - explains:

It was cool. It was a lot of fun to see their faces light up, and hope it helps with the healing process.

NBC 9 News was at the hospital in Toledo, with cameras in hand. I especially appreciate the guy in his Spider-Man get-up who swung over to offer high-fives through the glass window. Check this out:

The kids at Toledo Children's Hospital watch the action through the window.

Iron Man powers in.

Iron Man
Iron Man

Thor and his hammer come charging down.


Spidey high-fives the kids through the window.


Batman looking as pensive as ever...


Why have I never considered rappelling in costume before? Gives a hard day of climbing a pinch more drama, no?


Which superhero would you most like to get a visit from?

(Source: ToledoBlade)


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