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Fans have been chomping at the bit to see Damon return to Mystic Falls (well, nearby!) this season, but will his guilt over leaving Bonnie behind overshadow his long-awaited return? Vampire Diaries big boss, Caroline Dries seems to think so.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Dries hints that Damon's return is not as idyllic as he thought it would be and that his guilt over Bonnie is somewhat to blame. Dries explained that:

Damon believes she was left for dead, so he's struggling with the guilt of having gotten out when she sacrificed herself for him. With Bonnie left behind with Kai we'll see basically a horror movie for her and she's desperately trying to find a way out without letting Kai back. It's this endless bad dream for her.

When pressed about how honest Damon would be about what happened during his escape, Dries hinted that the slippery vampire will be less than honest, which can only spell problems for him and Elena in the future. She told interviewers that:

When he comes back he has the opportunity to tell them exactly what happened or lie and cover up the truth in order to protect people's feelings. He chooses the latter, hoping that's the right choice to make and that everyone will be able to accept it better without having to go through the whole death of Bonnie again. You'll see how they start to become aware [that] Bonnie actually is alive, and their mission is to get to her

With all of this on Damon's plate - along with the problem of Elena being compelled to forget she ever loved him - the lost world of 1994 might start looking a lot more appealing than it did when he was trapped there... When asked if Damon might wish he was back there at some points, the executive producer explained that:

In hindsight he'll make that comment, and it is that way. He had all the hopes and dreams of reuniting with Elena and he comes back to realize the Traveler spell is still in effect, the love of his life has forgotten she ever loved him, Stefan is off living some other weird life — it's not the homecoming he was expecting.

You've got to hand it to this season, they definitely haven't held back with the drama!


Will Damon's guilt to Bonnie overshadow his return?

(Source: Tv Guide)


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