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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have made no secret of their love of all creatures great and small, but now the animal crackers couple has adopted their second cat within the space of two weeks!

Ian Somerhalder shared a gorgeous picture of the loved up pair with their new Moggy on Instagram with the following text urging people to adopt:

The newest addition to the family. Her name is Sohalia. Thank you @iamnikkireed for finding us this amazing kid in Conyers Georgia. Unfortunately this little kid was wildly mislabeled as "feral/not friendly", and had Nikki not gone in and opened her cage regardless, we would have never found out that she is the most loving kitty on the planet and she may have been put down. The point is this; because shelters are so understaffed, this happens more often than not. Let's encourage the people who work at shelters and people whom make policies for shelter workers to take more time to get to know the animals that are brought in, so they can properly inform potential adopters. Also, if you are thinking about adding a new member to your family, know that there might be more to the animal than what's written on their cage!!! Go have fun and adopt! Send me pictures please! Thank you- Love, Ian

While Ian and Nikki's love of shelter animals is 100 percent admirable, if they continue adopting at this rate they might just end up on 'Animal Hoarders'!

Let's just hope Somerhalder's planned animal sanctuary doesn't take too long to build.


Do you think Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are adopting too many animals?

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