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Bill Murray, as the star of Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic, hardly needs to crack an expression playing Steve Zissou, the autocratic oceanographer and star of his own self-produced marine documentaries.

And Jack Nicholson as the star of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, a would-be writer who signs on as winter caretaker of a resort hotel in the Colorado Rockies in order to work on the book that will finally lift him out of the ruck but ends up trying to kill his family instead...

What do these two protagonists have in common? Well, nothing. That is, until now... Iván Róbert has turned Wes' whimsical movie adventure into the darkest of the dark by fusing it with Kubrick's 1980 classic.

Take a look at the trailer by heading over to Sploid. Nice work, Róbert!


The Life Aquatic fused with The Shining...

(Source: Sploid)


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