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If you went to school during the dawn of the camera phone, you'll know what it's like to make stupid little movies with your friends during recess (most of which involved pushing each other into puddles - aren't children cruel...)

Anyway, some kids from a middle-school in Lynn, Massachusetts have taken it further than we ever dreamed and created a shot for shot remake of the iconic Ghostbusters trailer.

The kids, who all belong to the Raw Art Works program, which works out of the Real to Reel Filmschool, had to use a bit of ingenuity to recreate the look of the sci-fi comedy classic - especially its special effects. Furthermore, it seems the gang decided to gender swap most of the roles because, why the hell not? Take a look at the original video below:

And now a side by side comparison with the original:

Ok. So they reused a couple of shots from the original, but I'm not sure we can really blame them for that. I mean, they are kids after all...

Of course, we should get used to seeing some of the fairer sex in the Ghostbusters jump suits. Rumors have it that Sony is currently planning a female version of the Ghostbusters franchise.


The GhostBOSters trailer was...

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