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It's not just Christopher Nolan who's hoping to create a grand, universe hopping space adventure. No, with modern special effects packages and crowdfunding, anyone can become an overnight Ridley Scott.

Take for example Simon Phillips, the director behind upcoming British sci-fi indie flick, The Last Scout. But don't be fooled, this isn't some homegrown movie made in the basement and/or driveway of a 15-year old kid. Despite its lack of big names, The Last Scout is still planning to punch above its weight and rumble with the big guys.

In the first trailer for the film, Phillips shows off some impressive sets and special effects which could certainly rival blockbuster productions, although the acting and story might still leave something to be desired. Check it out below:

In 2065, a devastating nuclear war between America and China renders planet Earth uninhabitable. Those with access to commercial and private spacecraft escape the planet and the two sides each decide to search for a new home. Seven years into their journey. the crew of The Pegasus and the ship itself are tired and reaching breaking point. As they approach the system containing the planet they must survey, they discover another ship may have already beaten them to it. As they debate whether to board the other ship or continue with their mission, their lives, and the fate of humanity itself, hangs in the balance.

The trailer was released in order to drum up funds for The Last Scout's IndieGoGo page. That seems to have worked out pretty, as Phillips managed to rack in $16,807 CAD despite only requesting $6000.

Let's just hope the final product can do this hefty sum justice.


The Last Scout looks...

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