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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Sons of Anarchy is a show made with a lot of love, and it's great to see how much the cast and crew love each other.

Since wrapping up the final episode - which will air December 9th - Kurt Sutter and co. have Tweeted and Instagrammed a whole bunch of super sweet and heartfelt pics of the Final Ride... Check out some of the best:

Kurt Sutter

The man who started it all... Kurt Sutter tweeted this stylishly solemn photo during the last of the Sons of Anarchy filming.


Tracey Anderson

SOA Head of Make-up Tracey Anderson, who probably has the coolest job ever, shared her love of the many injuries she's carefully applied to the cast!


David Labrava

Oh, Happy. What will our world be without your cheerily psychotic ways? Look at how much these guys love each other - not a dry eye in the room!


Tommy Flanagan

Trust cheeky Chibs to tease us about the upcoming episodes with his Final Ride tweet...


Kim Coates

Tig... Tig of the piercing eyes and the crazy jokes and the big, warm heart... Tig is everyone's favorite really, isn't he?


Well, if it's gotta end, at least it's ending in the spirit that took us this far. Thanks for an amazing run, Sons of Anarchy!


Will you shed a few tears during the finale of Sons of Anarchy?

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