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The aspect of the Mass Effect series that has made it so impactful upon this generation, has not only been its enormous world and diverse, memorable characters, but its ability to let the player decide their own outcome. This choice element is what has led to multiple replays on my part, purely just to see how Mass Effect 2 and 3 play out with say, for example, my Salarian companion no longer by my side.

Therefore, when approaching the subject of [Mass Effect](movie:589200) 4, we enter a dangerous area. The lack of the established control - a major selling point for the series - in Mass Effect 3's ending impacts upon how the series will progress. You may feel that you have been cheated by the ending you wanted to experience, or that the world you had created would never have ended like that. Thus, should Mass Effect be tied to the previous games?

Will Mass Effect 4 be Tied to the Series?

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Upon being asked about whether players should throw away their Mass Effect saves, Bioware maintained that they might want to hang onto them. Of course, this is all they are at liberty to say so early on. We are aware that the campaign will be taking us to a whole new region of space with a whole host of new characters to fall in love with.

This will more than likely feature the return of a number of species, and perhaps introduce new ones. But will the decisions that were forced upon is in Mass Effect 3 impact upon our narrative? Will I see a world in which organics and synthetics are combined? And will I see anyone that I shared an adventure with in a previous game?

Mass Effect 4 Theories

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

The most interesting theory I've come across at the moment is purely contingent on the decisions that you made in the previous Mass Effect games, unless of course our saves don't carry over and we are forced to take up a new story in which this decision is implemented. In the event that Bioware (in my best dreams) release remastered versions of Mass Effect 1-3 on PS4 and Xbox One, we can create the journey that we know will suit us best for moving on with Mass Effect 4 on NextGen consoles.

Naturally, transferring the saves from your PS3 and Xbox 360 is possible, but I really want to see the games on our new consoles anyway. But, assuming that they do impact on the game, what would the story take from the previous titles? Could we see Garrus again? And here is the latest speculation, could the protagonist be Shepard's child?

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

This is the latest internet hype surrounding Mass Effect 4, and personally, I am all for it! I would love to see the child that Shepard shared with his final love interest in Mass Effect 3 become the lead for the next title. In my case, mine would be the child of Liara. But what if the character played as a woman? Shepard dies remember? Therefore, how could this happen if they say courted Kaiden or Thane? This instance is only available for a certain player.

While a very interesting idea, it would actually have to be a decision that would be forced upon us. The decisions that we made in the other Mass Effect games would actually only be in the sense of the larger world. Therefore, the small character decisions we made would be rendered redundant. That's not what fans want from the Mass Effect series, that much has been clear since the beginning.

Therefore, this child theory really can't occur, can it? Not if Bioware wish to cater towards the desires of all of their fans, and we know how badly excluding some has gone before.

So what ways could the Shepard Mass Effect trilogy link with Mass Effect 4? Will multiple playable races come in to play?

My main reason for writing this article is that I wanted to gather fans of the series together to discuss Mass Effect, because I'm dying to know what fans want from Mass Effect 4 and what they'd like to see!! Let me know in the comments!


Would you like this to be a part of Mass Effect 4?


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