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Civil War is officially happening. And so we're pretty much definitely going to see Captain America and Iron Man beat some lumps out of each other. With that in mind, I started thinking to myself: "hey, who really would win in a fight?" So here we are. So let's get down to it.

*Please note that these are strictly just the characters we've seen on screen so far, regardless of their extensive comic history, cause the fight is gonna be in the movies*

Iron Man

Tony Stark is an absolute genius. He has a wide range of different kinds of suits which he can switch between as we saw in Iron Man 3. However, in this fight he only gets his primary suit, because he blew his suits up and we only saw one normal suit in the Age of Ultron trailer. But even with just that suit he's a very formidable opponent due to its extensive array of tech:

  • incredibly agile flight
  • repulsor rays on hands
  • ultra repulsor beam on chest
  • shoulder mounted bullets
  • wrist mounted rocket
  • heat seeking explosive missiles
  • J.A.R.V.I.S. AI to provide useful data in order to gain upper hand
  • self-destruct

Please let me know if I forgot anything. I'm not including he Hulkbuster as existing due to us not really knowing its full capabilities as of yet. But still, that's quite something. So who has the guts to go up against that...

Captain America

Almost 100 years old, Steve Rogers was injected with a serum with enhanced all of his physical attributes. Everything from strength to his brains processing speed, he's the perfect super soldier. But besides that, his greatest strength is his willpower and his desire for justice. This guy will stop at nothing to save lives and protect people's freedom. So let's examine his arsenal:

  • vibranium shield - all but indestructible
  • enhanced everything
  • top class military training by SHIELD
  • handgun (I'm just gonna give him it, he had it in the first one)
  • highly trained strategic mind

Not as extensive an arsenal as Iron Man, but still a formidable foe, and he's famous for constantly overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

The Fight

So, who would win in a flat, open space with no environmental advantages for either of them. Well folks, there can only really be one victor there. Iron Man. At the end of the day, despite Cap's training, despite his drive and despite his superhuman skills, Iron Man's flying capabilities combine with his bullet-proof armour and extensive weapons array mean that there's only so much Cap can do to delay the inevitable. Perhaps in a different environment Rogers could take Tony down but I'm afraid that today just wasn't his day.


So, that was the fight between Iron Man and Captain America. Did you agree or disagree with the result? Either way please share your opinions below. Would you like me to do more of these superhero face/offs? Well, until next time guys, enjoy your lives!


Who do you think would win in a fight?


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