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I don’t know about you, but after watching Zombieland, it got me pumped for more zombie movies to come. When I heard that they were doing a TV show based on the movie, I was a bit skeptic. The show didn’t have the main characters from the movie and it didn’t even do well with its pilot release. Then I heard rumors about there being a Zombieland sequel in the works! Little is known of what will happen in this movie, but I would like to list what should happen in Zombieland 2!

1- Original Cast

Obviously, if you’re going to make a perfect sequel you need to have the same people who started it all! Take the old Batman franchises for example. Though Michael Keaton was replaced by Val Kilmer in Batman Forever, it was George Clooney’s Batman in Batman and Robin that ruined it! Weather it was its corny puns, brainless Bane or even Bat Nipples; it was a BATastrophe!

Another example of this is the prequel Dumb & Dumberer. Sure they needed a younger cast, but this was one movie that didn’t need a prequel! Thankfully we’re getting Dumb & Dumber To with the original cast!

The other example is Disney’s Return of Jafar. Instead of having Robin Williams do the voice of Genie they had Dan Castellaneta AKA Homer Simpson. No disrespecting The Simpsons, but I was glad that they redeemed themselves in Aladdin and the King of Thieves by having Robin Williams reprise his role.

Needless to say, we need to keep the Original cast!

2- More Zombieland Rules

I personally loved it when Zombieland had all the rules flashing on the screen for us to see. It was like taking notes in class while watching a bloody and GOREgeous movie! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, though we were given a lot of rules in the movie, we didn’t get all of them. The list went to 33, granted that there is a shirt out there that has all the rules, but from the movie and YouTube we only got to hear about these rules:

#1 – Cardio

#2 – The Double Tap

#3 – Beware of Bathrooms

#4 – Seatbelts

#5 – ???

#6 – The Skillet

#7 – Travel Light

#8 – Get A Kick-a__ Partner

#9 – ???

#10 – ???

#11 – ???

#12 – Bounty Paper Towels

#13 – ???

#14 – ???

#15 – Bowling Ball

#16 – ???

#17 – Don’t Be A Hero

#18 – Limber Up

#19 – ???

#20 – ???

#21 – Avoid Strip Clubs

#22 – When In Doubt, Know Your Way Out

#23 – ???

#24 – ???

#25 – ???

#26 – ???

#27 – ???

#28 – ???

#29 – The Buddy System

#30 – ???

#31 – Check The Back Seat

#32 – Enjoy The Little Things

#33 – Swiss Army Knife

In other words, it would be nice to get the whole list of how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse in Zombieland 2!

3- Survivors

It would be actually cool if the original survivors found other survivors along their journey to find a safe Haven. Of course all the survivors would have city names of where they’re from, so I wonder what names they would choose for those surviving characters. Here are lists of names that I think would add to the humor in Zambieland 2. And yes these are real names of places found in the U.S. of A.:

Carefree, AZ

Friendly, WV

Happyland, CT

Boring, OR

Eek, AK

Oddville, KY

Okay, OK

Why, AZ

Whynot, MS

Humansville, MO

Loveladies, NJ

Sweetlips, TN

Handsome Eddy, NY

Do Stop, KY

Hell, MI

It would be interesting to see the characters behind these names and how they will be portrayed.

4- Bill Murray Cameo

I know what you’re thinking… but didn’t Bill Murray die? And yes he did, but remember he got shot in the chest, not the head. He could come back as an actual Zombie Murray! Now I know, this is Zombieland, it isn’t The Walking Dead, but it would still be cool if we saw Murray again… maybe as a pet zombie just like Ed from Shaun of the Dead. But if that doesn’t work, then we should at least have him come back as a ghost much like the ghosts from Ghostbusters!

What do you think? Would this make a perfect Zombieland sequel?


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