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In honor of the modern classic comic series ‘Fables’ ending at issue #150, we are going to look back at each volume individually and discuss it. These articles won’t be reviews in the sense that you may be used to. These are examinations of the stories and the characters as they evolve throughout the series run. Obviously because of the nature of these articles there will be heavy spoilers in all 20 parts of The Great ‘Fables’ Retrospective.

When we left “Fables” the last time, Rose Red had faked her death and got caught while Prince Charming lost his royal title and got nothing out of it. Snow and Bigby Wolf flirted and punishments were doled out. ‘Animal Farm’ is the beginning of a huge mega arc for “Fables” that gets deeper into the personal relationships and gets the characters closer to facing the Adversary.

‘Animal Farm’ introduces The Farm to the series. We heard hints of it last arc but this is the arc that we really see it and get a better understanding of what it is. The Farm is a place for the non human characters to live. The Three Little Pigs, talking crows, Bagheera, and all the other famous animals you can think of. They are bound here by Fabletown law and they are “looked after” by Weyland Smith. Snow White decides to take Rose Red with her on this trip as part of her punishment and as a way to reconnect with her sister. Their relationship has always been strained but became worse when Rose slept with Snow’s then husband Prince Charming.

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