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One of the hardest things to accept when it comes to the rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics is the fact that crossovers between two of the most popular superhero universes are few and far between. Luckily, we have fan art, and through fan art, I've finally decided on a suitor that won't abuse or bore everyone's favorite crazy lady, Harley Quinn -- Deadpool, of course! Here's the full look at this article's cover image, by m7781 on DeviantArt.

(Oh, also, this article is not safe for work... mainly because of all the murder.)

While Harley seems to have a better grasp on reality, Deadpool is just the right mix of bloodthirsty, crazy and hilarious, without the psychotic manipulation and abusive gaslighting of the Joker. Anyway, I'll let this amazing fan art speak for my new OTP. Make sure to check out the artists as well!

Here's a sweet one by alan-mcmillan!

Rocky Davies' nod to Bruce Timm's animation style in this one is awesome!

Hector Rubilar created this cover-worthy action shot with the pair as well.

One crossover crosses over to another in Doctor Pool, a fan comic by Anna Maria Bryant.

Jose L Rodrigues created a bright and action-packed piece with the couple at odds with each other. Yikes!

"Harleypool" by Brother Toasty Cakes shows Harley gettin' cute with our favorite Merc.

Rounding out the batch is this gorgeous piece titled "A Hot Mess" by n3m0s1s! The Joker never seems happy in these images. Boohoo, buddy.

This pairing is pretty popular among fans, but do you support it?


Do you ship it?


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