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Amid the fanboy celebration following the release of DC Comics' full movie slate, it turns out that Warner Bros. was originally courting someone other than Zack Snyder to take on a "Justice League film" and "Batman reboot," potentially the highly-anticipated [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)or one of its Justice League follow-ups. Before bringing Snyder onboard, Warner Bros. pursued none other than Christopher Nolan to "produce" another franchise and spin it into gold. In fact, WB and DC wanted him so badly, they even delayed the rollout of their immersive comic book universe in order to buy more time to sell Nolan on the idea.

But obviously, Warner Bros. couldn't hold out forever and let Marvel have all the fun (and profits), so the job went to Man of Steel director Zack Snyder. While the Wall Street Journal is claiming that this delay was due to wanting Nolan specifically for the role of producer, there is speculation elsewhere that they hoped he would end up behind the camera. Nolan's status as producer on Batman v. Superman remains unclear. While he has not been listed on press releases since early 2014, his IMDB and Wikipedia still note him as an executive producer.

As a director adept at striking a balance between major blockbuster success and his signature artistic style, it's safe to say that Nolan's clout in the industry would have made for a very different Justice League movie. This is a guy who insists on shooting everything on old-fashioned film stock, even forcing movie theaters renovated for digital to break out their dusty, long-abandoned film projectors. With films like The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception that brought in the audiences and won major awards, Warner Bros. has been more than willing to foot the bill to achieve Nolan's vision. So, the question is, how would this have panned out for Dawn of Justice?

I'd imagine with Nolan at the wheel, that the world of the Justice League would somehow be even grittier, deadlier, and more rooted in realism than the released stills suggest. Considering his love for mazes, puzzles, and identity crises, I wouldn't be surprised by deep philosophy embedded in some twisted action sequences. Additionally, Nolan's notorious commitment to privacy surrounding his plots and characters may have prevented this not-so-little spoiler from leaking.

Do you think Warner Bros. should have held out longer for Nolan? Or will Snyder be the best fit?


Would you prefer to see Christopher Nolan in command of the Justice League?


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