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While the Spiderverse has a host of great female characters, the recent rumor that Sony's female-led Spiderverse movie could be a team-up has left a lot of fans puzzled. There are several different spots within the multiple universes of Spider-Man from which characters could be pulled, but for the most part, the heroines of the Spider-Man comics have almost never teamed up with each other, save for Silk and Spider-Woman as of recent (unless, of course, you count the ever-changing friendship-gone-rivalry-gone-friendship of Mary Jane and Gwen, of course).

Honestly, the cinematic world of Spider-Man is kind of a mess right now. Venom's feature film might have been dropped completely, Marvel is apparently in talks with Sony over what everyone assumes will be shared rights on Spider-Man, Emma Stone implied that a Clone Saga storyline could see her return as Gwen Stacy, and pretty much nobody knows who owns Spider-Woman.

Our current Earth-616 Spider-Woman, also known as Jessica Drew, now leads her own comic and has been a staple member of the Avengers on and off for several years in the comics. While the movie rights are murky, it's already been speculated by fans and folks like Kevin Smith that we may see Spider-Woman appear within the Marvel/Disney Cinematic Universe rather than Sony. With Captain Marvel already slated for her own flick, it would be smart on Marvel's part to grab the snarky lady web-slinger, who is also one of Carol's best friends, before Sony did.

So for the sake of my own sanity, I'm going to keep Jess out of this piece and focus on the possibilities of our team-up, even though having a team led by her would be absolutely stellar.

Based on a recent study by the folks at Screenrant, some of the already established and definite candidates under Sony's rights are: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Silver Sable, Betty Brant, and for the sake of super long-shots, Dr. Ashley Kafka (who appeared in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) as a completely different character; rather than serving as a supportive female doctor, the character was a male nazi scientist who tortured Electro. I... yeah, I'm not sure either). Sony also owns the rights to Aunt May, of course, but it's probably a safe bet that we won't see her donning a spider suit anytime soon.

Silver Sable
Silver Sable

Badass Digest's Devin Faraci also speculated on the appearance of a relatively new heroine, Silk, cartoon-based heroine Firestar, and Spider-Girl, who (as Peter and MJ's daughter, Mayday Parker, in an alternate universe) enjoyed an extremely successful run of comics; the longest-running series starring a female character that Marvel has ever produced. Other noticeable characters to don the Spider-Girl mask are Betty Brant and Anya Corazon, who serves as our current Earth-616 Spider-Girl.

Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl
Anya Corazon as Spider-Girl

The project, which is reported to be codenamed "Glass Ceiling", is, of course, a rumor for now.

With that said, there aren't many storylines in comics that an all-female crossover could run off of. But there is Edge of the Spider-Verse, an already successful crossover event that has helped launch a standalone Spider-Woman comic starring Gwen Stacy from an alternate universe. Gwen is only one of the first female spider-heroines to be introduced in this multiverse event, and I fully expect several of the women mentioned above to follow.

Mary-Jane and Mayday Parker
Mary-Jane and Mayday Parker

According to Faraci:

... I've also heard about another Spiderverse team movie. A team movie that is based on an original concept not drawn from the comics.

So, if it's real, my guess is that this movie is a completely new story, where different women from different timelines within the Spideyverse converge in one place and have to save the world. This could start with a massive accident, more than likely putting Peter Parker at the center of the mess and bringing in heroines to clean it all up while Spidey is out of commission. That's my wishful thinking, at least.

Everything is speculation right now, of course, and with Sony's lack of direction, this could easily be another project that disappears before it's development even begins. But, the worlds of Spider-Man are jam-packed with bold, strong female characters that are always kept at arm's length from one another for reasons I find pretty silly, so seeing a movie where any amount of them are together and not constantly focused on Peter would be great.


Who would you NEED to see in a superheroine spideyverse team-up movie?


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