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Normally, big name actors and actresses thank fellow actors, directors, and family members for their success. Not Emma Watson. After winning "British Artist of the Year" and being the super awesome person she is, the 24-year-old British actress instead thanked her deceased on-set pet hamster Millie for her success.

Hee Hee!'s a swinging hamster :D
Hee Hee!'s a swinging hamster :D

Now, of course, her being a graduated English Literature major from Brown University, Watson is probably a big fan of metaphors. After Millie's death, Potter set designers were kind enough to build a mahogany hamster sized coffin complete with a silver plaque engraved with Millie's name. The sweet story is Watson's way of thanking the British film industry for being so loving and welcoming and essentially acting as a surrogate family.

Her hamster speech comes in second only to her inspiring HeforShe speech a few weeks ago at the UN.

Check out both her loving tribute to Millie and her feminist call-to-arms below!

Emma's Millie Speech

Emma's HeforShe Speech

P.S. It's ok Emma! One of my hamsters died of a heart attack too...:(


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