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[Mission: Impossible 5](movie:373501) doesn't come out until Christmas of 2015, but it is currently shooting and that means insane stunts are on the way. It seems like they up the ante every single movie on what madness Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) gets himself into. Cruise is always down for the cause when it comes to making sure his action scenes are as epic as they can possibly be, and this time is no different.

As you can see above, he was seen 5,000 feet in the air, harnessed to the door of an Airbus A400M while filming for Mission: Impossible 5. Now, I'm sure they took every possible safety precaution, but let's just say you wouldn't find me up there. But then again, that's why he gets paid millions and I...don't. And I have to admit the fact that he does all of his own stunts is very cool.

Tom Cruise is 52 years old. I'm not saying he's past his prime by any means, but as a fan of his, I am just saying I wouldn't feel cheated if the guy, who is well-known for doing all his own stunts, let some of his stunts be done by a younger professional stunt person. Mr. Cruise, I'm sure you don't really care what I think but, please man, just be careful at least!

But this isn't the first time Tom has done something dicey. He's done some crazy stunts for some of his previous movies.

Climbed the side of the world's tallest building - for REAL!

For [Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol](movie:34973) he actually did what you see above. He was dangling up near the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world located in Dubai. This is yet another stunt you probably could never, under any circumstance, find me doing myself, especially if I'm worth half a billion dollars. Cruise lived to tell the tale, though, so I can't really hate. And he's the one who's getting cast for these roles... NOT me.

Free base climbing stunts in Utah

So, the Mission Impossible stunts are some of his craziest, obviously. This isn't "Mission Tough" or "Mission Super Hard". It's freakin' Mission Impossible, which is why Cruise did his own stunts in Dead Horse Point, Utah for the second movie's opening sequence. They used a lot of ropes and harnesses to do the scene, but Cruise actually did tear his shoulder muscle while jumping between rocks in filming this. Stay safe, Tom. But also, stay awesome.

Motorcycle stunts in Knight & a bull stampede

In Knight & Day, Cruise was actually riding the motorcycle as you can see above. Total Film writes,

This was one that Cruise dreamed up himself! "I called James Mangold," recalls Cruise, "and I said, 'I’ve got this motorcycle stunt. We’ve gotta put a motorcycle in this scene and I’ve gotta flip her around.'"

When Tom Cruise calls you and demands that something has to happen in a movie, I feel like it happens in that movie.

Also, this scene had real bulls in it:

So, not only are these dangerous stunts, but they're also expensive stunts. To pull these off effectively takes a really talented crew, lots of experienced stunt coordinators, and, of course, a big budget. But mostly, it takes a guy like Tom Cruise who is apparently game for anything.

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise were really in the car during the taxi car accident scene in Collateral

So, in this case, Jamie Foxx was in the driver seat for this high speed chase, but Cruise was also actually in the back seat. Even when it crashes! No crash test dummies used. Truly awesome.

Cruise nearly died on the set of The Last Samurai

He did his own stunts in The Last Samurai, and actually had a brush with death! Daily Mail was quoted saying,

"One day we were shooting, I was on a mechanical horse and Hero was on one too," Cruise said.
"He was approaching me and then suddenly his horse hit me and his sword was right here (points an inch from his neck).
"Luckily Hero is trained in martial arts. I trust him."

He's one of the most famous actors of all time. Now, at 52, he has absolutely nothing to prove and yet he keeps going. I think that he just really loves the thrill. And if the only way you know how to go is full steam ahead, what's the point of slowing down?

I guess all I can say is keep doing you, Tom. Keep doing you.


Should Tom Cruise still be doing his own stunts?


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