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Jerome Maida

As regular readers of MoviePilot know, I absolutely despise Fox's " [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667)" film coming out next year and hope it fails spectacularly.

The reasons are many; the horrible casting, the arrogance of director Josh Trank and Michael B. Jordan; the constant drumbeat that "this isn't your father's Fantastic Four or this is a grittier Fantastic Four (if it's not the characters I care about, why would i want to watch it?); the declaration that it will be "nothing like the comic books" (again, why should I care then?); that they are taking the FANTASTIC Four and making it "grounded" and oh, about 100 other reasons.

But there is one big one.

I want the Fantastic Four - and their supporting characters - to revert to Marvel Studios.

Since I'm one of the ones who has always felt more studios making Marvel properties is potentially a GOOD thing, since we get to see MORE of the characters on the big screen than we would otherwise, that's a decision that is not natural for me.

Except I don't only want the Fantastic Four back home, I want Marvel Studios to be able to use Galactus, Annihilus, Doctor Doom, the Skrulls and - most of all - the Silver Surfer.

Think about it, the way things stand now, we will be getting an adaptation of "Infinity Gauntlet" without the Silver Surfer.

That's almost like having a "Hunger Games" without Katniss Everdeen.

Seriously, the Silver Surfer was THE character who was Thanos's main adversary in "Infinity Gauntlet".. Every part of it flowed through him - from being there for Thanos's "resurrection" to being the one to try and take the Gauntlet from Thanos.

The Fantastic Four played no part in the story - they were among those that perished when Thanos killed half of all life in the universe with a snap of his fingers.

But the Silver Surfer was essential.

Now that Marvel is exploring the cosmic side of their universe, it seems rotten that they are unable to use arguably the most cosmic hero of them all - or cool characters like Galactus and one of Galactus's other heralds, Nova.

In fact, the philosophical underpinnings of the Surfer that are explored when he deals with the fact he helped extinguish countless billions as Galactus's herald is something a great screenwriter would have a field day with.

His conflict with others who have served Galactus could give us not only Nova, but...

Morg, Firelord...

..and many others.

The Silver Surfer would allow us to see strange, powerful creatures..

..while again dealing with moral and philosophical dilemmas.

The Silver Surfer is so cool and powerful he could be used to introduce other cosmic characters like Jack of Hearts...

..and push even Thor to his limits like no one else can.

It's time for the Silver Surfer to come home to Marvel Studios - and the only chance of that happening is if comic book movie fans keep their money in their pockets next August.

What do the rest of you think?


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