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Was Star Wars your childhood? Did you watch it all the time and were you lucky enough to have been born before 1977 and see the movie in its cinematic glory? Would you love to see the originals in theaters again? Did you have 10 memorable scenes? Is this a lot of questions? Well read on. This list is purely about the originals, have fun.

Obi-Wan Death Scene

Who wasn't surprised when this happened? The way he surrendered to Vader and looked at Luke, then death. That whole fight (although slow) was emotional; master and apprentice fighting once more to prove who was stronger. It's so sad.

Luke/Vader 1st Fight Scene

So apparently Empire Strikes Back is the greatest Star Wars movie ever. Well, this scene is one of the greatest scenes ever... the emotion, action, and suspense. Were you on the edge of your seat as I was? You should have been, if not, then you aren't human or anything.

1st Rebel Attack on the Death Star

The rebels are fighting back against the Empire, they send their X-Wings and Y-Wings to go blow up the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Well... at least you have Luke Skywalker or you would have been fucked. Were you rooting for the Empire like I was? No? Should I run? Don't point that gun at me, it's just my opinion. Whoa whoa dude, come on, no DON'T....

Vader's Opening Scene in The Return of the Jedi

His shuttle lands in the hangar, the door opens, he walks out all intimidating. Add Imperial March to that and you have the greatest scene of a person walking, on planet Coruscant. He says the greatest line ever, "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am." Chills.......

Emperors Opening Scene

The next best walking scene on planet Coruscant. The Emperor walks out with his guards and Vader is kneeling before him, VADER! We were all scared of him and then someone even scarier arrives. Well fuck this, I'm becoming a bounty hunter now, I can't do this rebel/empire shit. Have fun!

Vader Death Scene

So we were all afraid of him, then he kills his master in his final act to save his son. That's so touching, a trickle in my eye happened. Say what? You didn't hear that. Oh that happened to you as well? We're not alone anymore, woohoo. Did anyone else get the feels when Luke burned him? Because that music was so touching.

Asteroid Scene

One there. Another there. THERE'S A BIG ONE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!! Han and his mighty crew try to escape the Empire by going to the asteroid field. was anyone else confused by this scene? Well I wasn't. Heheh. What about big worm alien monster thingy? That guy was cool.

Ceremony Scene

So why didn't Chewbacca get a medal? Is it a race thing? He's only a Wookie and he helped Han save Luke. Jeez rebels, so rude of you. That scene though, the track, the Hamill and Ford, the walking, AND the princess, well that's a wrap.

Battle on Hoth

From coming out of hyperspace, to landing the big camels on the snow, to blowing up the generator. Everything about this whole battle is great and very exhilarating. I think if someone were to remake this scene, they wouldn't be able to. I would marry this scene and freeze it.

Han Carbonated

"I love you." " I know." I think this was very emotional for me, I loved Han and he was frozen. How am I, or anyone else, suppose to live now? Ford did a great improvised line, everyone was sad, he was badass, Chewbacca was pissed, and Fett was worried. How touching.

Okay, I have no idea what I was talking about half the time while writing this. I think it's funny, I'm not to sure. I hope you like it, what are your most memorable scenes? Comment them below!


What is your favorite iconic Star Wars scene?


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